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4 Reasons to Spoil your Small Pets with a Drop-In Visit


If you work long hours or happen to be out of the house a lot, knowing how to provide the best care for your pet can be tricky. And it's not just your cats and dogs that require company, but lizards, hamsters, birds, and other miniature housemates! When you book a drop-in on the Wag! platform, you can choose which cuddly critter you need care for. 

Despite their short stature, small pets still need the same quality of care as their canine and feline friends. Here are 4 reasons to spoil your small pets with a drop-in visit!

To ensure your pets' essential needs are met

Okay, this isn't really spoiling your small pet — their essential needs are, well, essential. But sending someone to give your hamster some extra grains or to feed your lizard a insect or two shows your fur-baby (or scaly sidekick) that they're loved. It also means you can enjoy your day without having to worry about whether your small pet is hungry or thirsty.

To keep your pet entertained while you're away

You can spoil your small pet by inviting a Pet Caregiver to come and keep them entertained. A Pet Caregiver can chat with your Cockatoos, playfight with your ferret, and much more! Your Pet Caregiver can even surprise your small pet with a special treat or two. Booking some playtime for your small pet will prevent them from becoming restless while you're away.

To keep an eye on your home

This reason is more for you but ensures your pets and palace are as you left them when you return home. Plus, a Pet Caregiver can water your plants and take in your mail in addition to taking care of your small pet.

To save money on pet care

If you have a small pet, there's no need to send them to a boarding facility or a pet sitter. Sitters are expensive, and the chances are your small pet doesn't need to be watched the whole day. With prices averaging between $13 and $16 for a 20-minute drop-in through Wag!, you can save a few bucks and still spoil your small pet with some extra attention!

Looking to spoil your small pet with a surprise drop-in visit? Download the Wag! app and book a drop-in today!

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