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5 Dog-Friendly Bars in San Francisco Your Pup Should Visit


Written by Leslie Ingraham

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Published: 07/07/2021, edited: 10/04/2022


If you’re lucky enough to live in the City by the Bay, you already know how dog-”fur-iendly” it is. There are doggos everywhere, including at some of the most fun bars in the city. Serving up everything from draft beers to fancy cocktails, they welcome you and your fur-baby for a good time. Wondering where to go? Here’s a list of just a few of the bars that open their doors and patios to you and Bosco!

Bender’s Bar and Grill

Bender’s on South Van Ness Avenue is a typical neighborhood bar that features pool tables, pinball machines and a jukebox filled with punk and metal band music. Pupsters are allowed indoors, but if the head-banging songs are too much for you or your fur-pal, there are outside tables, too.

Serving up craft beers and beer on tap, Bender’s also specializes in simple but “dog-licious” tavern food from their Overkill Grill. Sink your teeth into burgers and franks, fried chicken, broccoli salads and “BST” sandwiches containing “shredduce” instead of lettuce leaves. There will be something “furbulous” to eat there for you and your buddy. On your way home, consider a walk through Clarion Alley to view its colorful eclectic street artwork.

Doc’s Clock

Doc’s Clock is another neighborhood joint with plenty of space that has a shuffleboard out back and a welcome mat in the front for puppers who have come for a good time with their human buddies.There’s more than enough room for dog-lounging at the new location at 2417 Mission Avenue. Just down the street from the original Doc’s, it features Doggie Happy Hours on Fridays. Proceeds from the Doggie Happy Hours go to Frisco’s Wonder Dog Rescue, which finds homes for senior, city-sized, and special needs doggoes in the San Francisco area. Furtastic! 


Folsom Street’s Bloodhound is equipped with a long bar and pub-height tables with stools and plenty of room for pupsters. Your pooch will have lots of wildlife to stalk in the unique hunting lodge decor, and a ceiling covered with a mural of birds in flight. Serving up obscure local beers and cocktails, Bloodhound offers pool tables, too! Come with your fur-baby and relax in the laidback environment of Bloodhound.

Black Horse London Pub

Dubbed one of the most dog-friendly places in San Fran, Black Horse London Pub is a tiny, 12-seat bar that welcomes you and your furry wingman. Additional standing room allows for about 10 more customers. The intimacy of the tight quarters encourages instant friendships and lots of pooch-petting.

The Black Horse offers cheese plates complete with crusty bread and relishes in its Union Street digs. Well-known for its “beer and cash only” policy, this is a “pup-ular” neighborhood destination. It’s open until midnight every night, and from 11 AM to 2 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. If your pup is still energetic, head seven blocks south to the Lafayette Dog Park to let them run wild!


Churchill, a large bar at 198 Church Street in the Duboce Triangle neighborhood, is very dog-friendly, according to reviews. Leashed dogs are welcomed inside. They don’t serve food, but their micro-brewed beers, wines, and imaginative cocktails served in classic glasses and mason jars, are “fur-bulous.” A pool table distracts the humans while dogs can socialize with other pupsters, and sniff the large stuffed moose that occupies the center of the floor. Because of its location amid restaurants and ice cream places, Churchill is the pawr-fect spot to end your night on the town with one for the road.

With so many tempting taverns that welcome fur-buddies in pet-friendly Frisco, your dog will be barking to go with you every time! Be sure to pick up a bottle of dog wine or beer so the pupster can sip alongside you! Here’s a toast to the dogs!

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