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Everything You Need to Know about Dog "Wine"


People who love their dogs love to include them in all they do, and with more and more businesses opening their doors to canines, the world gets bigger all the time for our precious pooches. In big cities, dog-loving bars have established “Yappy Hours” when dogs are welcome to lounge as their humans have a drink with friends, and several wineries now allow dogs to tour the vineyards and chillax next to their humans during wine tastings.

But if you’ve been sad that your dog had to watch the fun from the sidelines, we’ve got some huge news for you- Dog Wine is Here! That’s right, specially formulated wine made just for dogs is making the rounds, and the pups are barking for a taste!

But Wait! Isn’t Wine Toxic to Pets?

Human wine certainly is toxic to pets, as it contains both alcohol and grapes. Alcohol can cause effects that range from mild inebriation to life-threatening medical conditions such as difficulty breathing, dehydration, a reduced heart rate and even seizures. And grapes can cause vomiting and diarrhea within 6 to 12 hours of ingestion, and kidney failure within 1 to 3 days! Yikes!

Many people aren’t aware of the dangers of our alcoholic beverages to dogs, and some even let their pups get a taste of their wine or other drink, but this could be lethal! That’s where dog wine comes in.

What is Dog Wine?

Dog wine is a specially formulated drink free of alcohol, grapes and carbonation, and is made of 100% dog-safe ingredients. It comes in several varieties, and often contains herbs or supplements that can be beneficial to pooches. Whether your dog just wants whatever you are having, or is a connoisseur of fine things, there’s sure to be a dog wine they will be wagging their tail to get another drink of!

Let’s take a look at some of the better-known dog wineries and their unique concoctions made just for pooches.

Woof & Brew

This British pet company specializes in dog beverages, and offers supplemental drinks that help everything from bad doggie breath to relieving gas. Along with their teas and treats for dogs, they also carry two varieties of dog wines that contain vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. These dog wines can be drunk as is, or poured over food.

  • Posh Pooch Tailwagger Creek White Dog Wine is made through an infusion of elderflower, ginseng, nettle, and limeflower.
  • Posh Pooch Barker Bay Rose Dog Wine is an infusion of elderflower, ginseng, nettle, limeflower and black carrot.

Pet Winery

Based in the U.S. in sunny Florida, Pet Winery specializes in treating pets with their own wine and champagne blends, as well as specially flavored dog-safe ice cream! All varieties of their dog wines and champagnes include bacon and salmon oil which contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids that help support your dog’s immune system, joints, skin and coat, and even their heart! Just be sure your dog isn’t allergic to fish oil before serving up a cup.

  • FetchMe Grigio is their white wine.
  • FetchMe Noir is the red variety.
  • Dög Pawrignon Brut is their non-carbonated white champagne that’s pawfect for celebrations, weddings and more!
  • Dög Pawrignon Rose Edition is their rose champagne, and simply the finest for the classiest furry princess in your life.

Apollo Peak

Another U.S. company, Apollo Peak is located in mountainous Colorado. Not only does this furbulous pet drink company offer two dog wine varieties and occasional special editions, but they also sell pawdorable plush wine bottles for the chewer in your life. Some plushies are even scented with real anise which dogs love!

  • Zinfantail Dog Wine was designed to freshen stinky dog breath and relax pooches, and is made with peppermint leaf, beets, and rosemary.
  • CharDognay Dog Wine is a puptastic calming beverage made of delicious chicken broth, chamomile leaf, beets, glucosamine and rosemary.
  • CharDOGEnay Dog Wine Special Edition is made with an emphasis on bone and joint health, and features rosemary, salmon oil, glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Doge Rose Dog Wine Special Edition is made with the same ingredients as the CharDOGEnay, but tinted pink for an elegant gal pal drink.

Got a dog who is more a bruiser than a sipper? Woof & Brew and the Pet Winery also sell dog beer for a different taste. And if your kitty is trying to get in on the action, check out Apollo Peak’s huge cat wine line, as well as Pet Winery’s feline concoctions. 

How to Spoil Your Canine Pal with Dog Wine

Now that you’ve got your hands on some pawfectly crafted and safe dog wine, how do you let your pup enjoy it?

  • Relax at home with a glass of your wine and a bowl of dog wine for your dog.
  • Bring your dog wine to your local dog-friendly bar or winery to let your pup get in on the fun.
  • Enjoy a sunset with your best canine by your side, and dog wine at the ready.
  • Is your dog the ringbearer at a wedding? Let them toast with dog wine!
  • Ring in the New Year with your pup with a glass of dog champagne.
  • Pour over your dog’s food to make a hum drum meal something special.

The pawssibilities are simply endless! Of course, you should always talk with your veterinarian before adding dog wine into your pup’s diet, and go slowly when introducing it for the first time. While the ingredients in dog wine are generally safe, there’s always a chance for a rare allergic reaction to occur to one of their ingredients, so be sure to watch your dog for any symptoms.

If you’d like to give dog wine a try, look online or to your local premier pet store for a bottle of a red, white or pink variety that’ll make your dog’s tail wag! Woof!

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