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5 Things to Let Your Dog Sitter Know Before You Go On a Trip


Written by Aurus Sy

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Published: 05/18/2021, edited: 10/05/2022


You’d bring your dog with you wherever you go if you could, but sometimes life will take you somewhere your pupper can’t tag along. When you need to leave your best friend behind for a couple of days, there are several overnight care options available. Kennels and boarding facilities may work for some dogs, but are not always suitable for all canines. If your dog gets nervous easily or comes from a rescue background, they may do better if they received overnight care at home. 

Aside from your itinerary, there are some other things that you should share with your dog sitter before you leave. Communication with your sitter is key, as even if they have years of experience, each house and dog is different. We’ve gathered together the top 5 things you should tell your sitter before you leave so your pup can have a pawsitive experience while you’re away. 

#1. Leave your dog sitter with your contact Information

Most dog sitters will communicate with you by phone and will have your cell phone number on hand. But you should also leave other important contact information in case you don’t hear your phone, or don’t have it on your person when your dog sitter tries to reach you. Your contact list should include:

  • Your cell phone number 
  • The name and number of your hotel
  • Your vet’s info
  • A trusted friend’s, family member’s, or neighbor’s info

#2. Be sure to talk about your dog's food allergies and medications

Does your pooch have any food allergies? Are there any medications that your dog sitter needs to administer? Write them all down for your sitter, as you don’t want your pup to miss any doses or eat anything they’re not supposed to. Also list the brand names of your dog’s food and treats if they’re no longer in their original packaging, and the pet store you frequent in case your sitter needs to replenish supplies. And if your dog has any unusual eating habits, you’ll want to let your sitter know about them too. This list should include:

  • Food allergies
  • Medications and conditions
  • Brand names of food and treats
  • Pet store you normally go to
  • Unusual eating habits

#3. Give a detailed breakdown of your dog's daily routine

Every dog is different and each canine has their own daily routine, so be sure to give your sitter a detailed breakdown of your pup’s schedule. If your dog sitter will only be coming over during the day, then some adjustments might need to be made. But if they’ll be staying in your home for the entirety of your trip, then they’ll probably be able to stick to your dog’s routine. Having the same schedule will give your pooch comfort and help them cope better with your absence. Be sure to tell your sitter about your dog's:

  • Feeding schedule
  • Walking schedule and route
  • Potty times
  • Playtimes
  • Bedtime

#4. Be clear on what your dog can / cannot do in the house

You may be away, but the house rules still stay. Are there any rooms or furniture that are off-limits to your pup? Let your sitter know what your dog is and isn’t allowed to do. You don’t want your furry friend to pick up any bad habits while you’re gone, and you don’t want them to get in trouble for doing something that’s acceptable to you. Write down any commands that you use for your pup as well. A list of rules may include things like:

  • OK to sit on the couch
  • Not allowed in laundry room
  • No digging in the yard, use command “no dig”

#5. as well as, leave your dog sitter any other information that might help them out

Other information that you’ll want to share with your sitter before you leave can include: 

  • Any security codes they will need to get in and out of the house.
  • Where the spare key is hidden, in case they get locked out.
  • Trash and recycling pickup days, so they know when to take the trash to the curb. 
  • Visitors that might come by, such as a house cleaner or a gardener. 
  • Where the grooming and cleaning supplies are kept.

You know everything about your dog, from their routine to their quirks, but your sitter doesn’t. Make sure to equip them with all the information they need to give your pup the best care possible. 

Choosing the right pet sitter for your dog can be challenging, but vetted Pet Caregivers with Wag! are ready to make your furry bestie feel safe and secure in their favorite place. And with the Wag! App, you can easily message your Pet Caregiver anytime in case something slipped your mind, or just to check-in on your precious pup.

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