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7 Budget-friendly Dog Date Ideas for Your City Dogs


Written by Aurus Sy

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Published: 06/16/2021, edited: 10/04/2022


Your dog is always there for you when you need them. Why not take them out on a date to thank them for being so pawsome? Even if you live in a big city, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun with your pup. Here are 7 budget-friendly date ideas for urban canines:

Have a picnic at the park

Pack a picnic basket with a homemade lunch for yourself and your pup’s usual food, and head to your favorite dog-friendly park! Or try a different location for a change. Either way, going on a picnic is a furrific way to enjoy quality time with your canine BFF without having to spend a lot. You’ll both get to soak up some sunshine and fresh air too. Remember to bring treats, lots of water, and your dog’s favorite toy as well. Avoid having your picnic at an off-leash park, as the aroma from your picnic basket may attract curious canine noses.

Spend an afternoon at the beach

If you have a water-loving pooch, then they’ll definitely appreciate an outing that includes sun, sand, and sea. Strolling on soft sand is a puptastic alternative to walking on concrete sidewalks that your city dog will take delight in. Just make sure you’re not out on the shore when it’s too hot, and always keep an eye on your canine date when they’re playing and swimming in the water—even the best swimmers need to be supervised! After your pup has tuckered themselves out, you and Fido can watch the sunset before going home.

Take the road less traveled

If your pup’s daily walk involves going around the same old blocks every day, why not take them for a hike? Look for a trail that’s surrounded by nature—not only will you and your dog get to enjoy lots of fresh air, but the green scenery will be a sight for sore city eyes too. Be sure to choose a trail that matches your pup’s fitness level; it’s okay to start small, especially if it’s your urban dog’s first time hiking. Don’t forget to pack snacks and plenty of water before you hit the trail!

Go on a coffee date

Of course, you should never give coffee to a dog as caffeine is toxic to canines, but you and Fido can still go on a date at a coffee shop. You just need to find a place that serves puppuccinos and has a pooch-friendly outdoor seating area, which almost all coffee shops do.  A puppuccino is whipped cream in a cup and many places will give them to four-legged customers for free. Just don’t let your dog have one too often; a puppuccino should be reserved as an occasional treat.

Go for a ride

One of the best things about our canine companions is that it doesn’t take a lot to make them happy. Even if you don’t have anywhere to go, you can just hop in the car and drive around the city with your pooch, and they’ll still think you’re the greatest person on the planet. Dogs love looking out car windows and watching the scenery outside go by. If it’s safe to do so, you can roll the window down an inch or two and let your dog feel the wind in their fur. Otherwise, put on some music to sing along to—your pup just might join in!

Enjoy a spa night together

Bring out the nail clippers and sheet masks—it’s time to relieve the stresses of city living with a DIY spa night! Pamper your furry friend with a nail trim and a good brushing, and top it off with a relaxing massage. If your dog has dry skin, you can use coconut oil to moisturize it. Then spoil yourself with your favorite skin treatments and a foot soak while you sip some tea. Don’t forget to put on calming music and light up a dog-friendly candle if you have one for a woofderful home spa experience.

Explore your city

Pretend to be tourists in your own city and you just might be surprised at what you discover! You can look for dog-friendly places you haven’t visited yet and plan your itinerary in advance, or you can just be totally spontaneous and let your canine pal choose the route. No matter how long you’ve been living in your city, there’s still a lot to see. Be sure to take lots of photos with your four-legged date!

Which budget-friendly dog date idea will you and your pup try first?

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