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7 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Dog Walker


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Published: 08/31/2022, edited: 09/11/2023


It takes a village to raise a dog, and for a lot of pet parents, dog walkers are an essential part of their village. Dog walkers often do more than exercise our canine companions—they go above and beyond the call of duty, sometimes stepping up on short notice and even braving the elements.   

Wag! created National Dog Walker Appreciation Day to recognize these pawsome humans and their hard work, and this special day has been celebrated every year on September 8th since 2016. This year’s National Dog Walker Appreciation Day is just around the corner, so if you have a dog walker who cares for your furbaby like their own, here are some ways to show them your appreciation!

Person writing a thank you note - 7 Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Dog Walker

Write them a thank you note

In a world of text messages, emails, and other digital correspondence, a handwritten thank you note leaves a lasting impression. A handwritten note is thoughtful, personal, and shows your appreciation for your dog walker in a way that a text message can’t. Add specific moments when your dog walker made your dog's day, or even a pic of your dog and walker together for an extra touch. While it only takes minutes to craft a short, heartfelt message, it will certainly make your walker’s day!

A gift basket of snacks

Gift them snacks

Dog walkers are on the go a lot. Between picking up your pup, walking them, taking care of them, dropping them off, and heading to their next client, your dog walker may sometimes not have time to grab a bite to eat. Energy bars, trail mix and fruit are portable yet filling, while flavored popcorn and wrapped candies can also bring a smile to their face. You can whip these up yourself or buy them from the store. Either way, your walker will appreciate having something to munch on during busy days! 

Person leaving a 5-star review on the Wag! app

Leave them a pawsitive review

People trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and leaving a positive review for your dog walker can help them land more clients. So don’t furget to give them 5 stars after Fido returns home! A couple of tips on writing a good review: don’t make it too short and include as many details as possible. The more specific you can be, the more helpful it will be to other pet parents and your walker. And while you’re at it, you can refer your walker to your friends and family too!

A tip jar filled with cash

Send them a bigger tip

Add an extra $10, $50, or other amount to your usual tip at the end of your pup’s next dog walking session. Aside from entering a custom amount, the Wag! app lets you put in an additional tip for completed walks that you had already tipped. Everyone appreciates extra cash, and a bigger tip is a quick way to let your dog walker know that you value them.

A coffee gift set with a French press

Put together a coffee or tea gift set

Etsy and Amazon sell mugs that say, “Best Dog Walker.” You can bundle that with a bag of coffee or a box of tea to make a nice little gift set for your walker to help them start their active day on a high note. If you want to be a bit more extravagant, you can also throw in other items such as cookies, spoons, a tea infuser, or a French press. This gift set is easy to put together and is sure to bring a smile to your walker’s face!

A black organizer bag filled with a pad of paper and pencils

Give them an organizer bag

Dog walkers need to carry a lot of things, so help make your walker’s job easier by giving them an organizer bag. Bags that have gotten two paws up from pet parents and professional dog walkers alike are usually large enough to hold big phones, treats, keys, and other walking essentials, as well as a compartment for storing used waste bags. Bonus points for a water bottle pocket!

A foot massage at a spa

Treat them to a foot massage

Dog walkers spend a lot of time on their feet from morning till night. Many of them are pet parents themselves and have to walk their own dogs before making their way to their clients’ homes. Covering several miles each day can leave dog walkers with sore feet, but a gift certificate for a foot massage can soothe away their aches and keep that pep in their step!

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