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The 8 Most Protective Dog Breeds


Man and dog have been best friends for thousands of years and while all of our canine buddies have the capacity for loyalty and protection some are more naturally prone to protective behaviors than others. Some may be tremendously loyal towards one singular person where as others will show loyalty towards anyone they deem to be part of their pack. While many dogs will bark to let you know something's going on, like a knock on the door, others are bred to take action and these are the dogs you'll want to research if you're looking for protection.   


The Bullmastiff was bred as a guard, and has the temperament suited for that job. They are possessive, territorial, loyal dogs with an innate sense of who does and who doesn't belong on one's property. They seem impelled to stop intruders, yet are (or certainly should be) more than willing to accept those people accepted by their masters. Brave, affectionate, and loyal, the Bullmastiff will always have your back.


One of the most elegant-looking, but perhaps one of the more challenging of dog breeds, the Doberman Pinscher can make the ideal pet for the right person and circumstances.  They are alert, fearless, loyal, and highly trainable.


The Giant Schnauzer is an extremely intelligent, large, energetic, strongly territorial dog whose life is oriented toward his owners. Loyal, alert, trainable, with the stable temperament required in big dogs of great strength. If he is the right dog for you, he is one of the most rewarding breeds to own, but this is also a demanding breed, and should not be casually added to a household.


You don’t need a security system when you have an Akita. This fiercely loyal canine is brave, sharp and attentive. The Akita was bred to be a guard dog, and their skepticism of other people and dogs stem from their deep devotion to their humans. They are dignified, courageous, and profoundly loyal.


German Shepherds top the list of best family guard dogs due to their natural instincts to listen, learn, and obey. They are both menacing in their appearance, and loving in their nature, but will respond to a command on any moments notice. They have thick fur, which makes them respond well to colder temperatures, and it adds to their toughness. They are very understanding of their homes, and will be wary of intruders. Because of their large size they are able to take down intruders without much trouble. Smart, confident, courageous, and steady; a true dog lover's dog.


Brave, tenacious, a bit stubborn; but also gentle, playful, and clever. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is rugged, energetic, and impulsive. He requires rigorous exercise as an outlet for his energy and to maintain his splendid muscle tone. The people-oriented Stafford craves companionship and wants to be with you all the time. With proper socialization, he is friendly with everyone, yet makes a sensible watchdog.


Reserved with strangers and affectionate and loyal with his family. If you are looking for a breed of dog which is confident, intimidating and capable of seeing off any potential unwanted visitors, then the Rottweiler may be just the dog for you. Well known for its potential aggressiveness, the Rottweiler will readily defend its land and its family. It is one of the few breeds which is capable of being a fantastic guarding dog,


Possessing many of the characteristics generally associated with hounds, the Ridgeback has a quiet, gentle temperament and rarely barks. While able to enjoy lazing around in a patch of sun, or in front of a winter fireplace, a Ridgeback can be instantly alert if a stranger should appear and zealous in his pursuit of legitimate prey. Though he may give the impression of a big, lazy, slow-moving animal, the Ridgeback can be a threatening presence as a watchdog. Dignified, even tempered; affectionate toward loved ones, reserved with strangers.

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