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Best Holiday Costumes We've Seen on Instagram in 2021


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 12/22/2021, edited: 01/03/2022


Feeling festive with your feline? Or "pawhaps" you're looking to dress up your hamster for Hanukkah? Instagram is filled with precious pics of our pets in festive outfits. We've compiled a list of our favorite holiday costumes from Instagram so you can join in the festive fun with your fur-baby!

Fergus the Westie

white westie wearing a christmas costume

Image credit: @mischievous_westie_fergus on Instagram. Photo used with permission.

Fergus the Westie looks "pawsitively" wintery in his adorable snowman costume! Follow @mischievous_westie_fergus on Instagram to stay up to date with his antics!

Shelby the Doxie

dachshund wearing a christmas costume

Shelby the Dachshund looks ready for Santa's sleigh in her reindeer outfit. Don't worry, Shelby, Santa won't mind that your nose isn't red! Follow @shelby.the.doxie to keep up with this precious pupper. Big thanks to Shelby's humans for tagging Wag! on Instagram!

Steam the cat

Steam might be the best-behaved Maine Coon this Christmas, sitting pretty for this cozy pic in a Grinch getup. Follow @steam.the.cat for more cutesy cat pics!

Obi-Wan the Brussels Griffon

brussels griffon dog wearing christmas costume

Image credit: @obi_wan_griffonb on Instagram. Photo used with permission.

Obi-Wan the Brussels Griffon might look grumpy, but you can bet he's Santa's favorite little helper! Follow @obi_wan_griffonb and feel the Force with this fur-baby!

Diego the Rottie

rottweiler wearing a christmas costume

Image credit: @diegotherottie on Instagram. Photo used with permission.

Does Santa need a stand-in reindeer? Looks like Diego is ready to save Christmas! Follow @diegotherottie for more "puptastic" pics!

Koda and Kuma the Shepskies

two german shepherd husky mixes wearing christmas costumes

Koda and Kuma are always available to lend a helping paw to Santa on Christmas! Follow @koda_andkuma on Instagram for more quality canine content. Big thanks to Koda and Kuma's humans for tagging Wag! on Instagram!

Thor the bearded dragon

bearded dragon wearing christmas hat

Image credit: @thorbeardielove on Instagram. Photo used with permission.

Just because you're cold-blooded doesn't mean you can't get cozy at Christmas — just ask Thor the bearded dragon! Follow @thorbeardielove for more from this reptilian reindeer!

Bumi the guinea pig

guinea pig wearing a red sweater

Nothing says Christmas love like a handmade crochet sweater from Grandma! Follow @thosepiggybros for more adorable pics like this. Thanks to Bumi's humans for tagging Wag! in this cute photo!

Holiday herd of guinea pigs

Caring for a herd of guinea pigs this holiday season? Plan a party with these guinea-pig-approved party hats! Follow @nicolio_bubz for more from Nicole's fur family!

Poppy the Persian

white cat sitting underneath a christmas tree

Poppy the Persian may look pouty, but you can bet she's excited to open a present or two! Follow @Poppy_the_persian_cat for more pics of Poppy by the Christmas tree.

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