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Boarding and Sitting Your Dog


By Robert Cabral, professional dog trainer   

As we gear up for the spring and summer travel seasons, it’s inevitable that we’ll sometimes have to leave our furry family members behind when we head out on a family vacation. But believe me, you’ll miss your dog more than he’ll miss you if you do everything right.

Do your homework

Always prepare your dog for your time away by doing some basic homework. If you’re going to board your dog, do a practice run for a day or two before you do a long trip. If you’re going to have a pet sitter, do the same by introducing your dog to the sitter well in advance.

When I travel, I leave a list of emergency contacts behind for whoever is watching my dogs, that you should print and tape it to your refrigerator, including:

   • My vet’s contact info
   • Contact info for a 24-hour emergency vet in the area
   • A close friend or family’s contact info
   • My cell number

What your dog sitter needs to know

Be sure to tell whoever’s watching your dog about:

   • Your pet’s regular food (and be sure to have extra)
   • Necessary medications
   • Favorite treats
   • Not to feed your dog other treats or food, in particular human food
   • Where they’re allowed to walk the dog and where they are not
   • If they’re permitted to have any other dogs (or people!) at your house

Keep your dog moving!

To keep your dog mentally and physically fit while you’re away, it’s important they have plenty of exercise, so make sure whoever’s watching your dog knows what you expect. Just because you aren’t there to take them on regular walks doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

You may know Wag! for dog walking, but the company also provides sitting and boarding services with vetted, trusted dog lovers.  

With a reliable sitter or boarder and plenty of exercise during your time away, your dog can have as much fun on his vacation as you do on yours!

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