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Virginia: A Tennessee Dog Walker's Story

Virginia: A Tennessee Dog Walker's Story

Meet Virginia, who once ran her own dog-walking service and now puts her extensive experience to good use as a dog walker on the Wag! platform. By allowing Wag! to handle such things as marketing and insurance, Virginia can focus on the pups.

Virginia walks dogs full time in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a small city of about 130,000 people located an hour southeast of Nashville. Virginia began walking on the Wag! app in November and just three months in, she already has more than 250 walks under her belt, along with a 4.9 rating.

A love for dogs — and kids!

“Wag! interested me because of my love for dogs,” Virginia said. “And I enjoy being outdoors and exploring different places. Plus it’s great to put my dog-walking experience to work for the neighbors here in Murfreesboro.”

Half of Virginia’s income from walking dogs goes to household expenses. The other half is going to a very special and personal purpose. For the past seven years, she and her husband have been trying to have a child. Her next options in what has been a very challenging process are exploratory surgery or in vitro fertilization.

“We all know how complicated and expensive the IVF journey is,” Virginia said. “I like to think that the pets and pet parents of Murfreesboro are helping me just as much as I’m helping them and that every walk brings me a little closer to one day holding my biological child.”

Scheduling around other demands

Virginia is now a mother to three stepchildren whom she loves dearly. And she appreciates how walking dogs on the Wag! platform suits her needs as a parent.

“The flexibility is wonderful, especially when the kids’ unexpected illnesses or snow days come along,” she said. “Aside from my free time with my stepchildren, this is by far my most favorite way to spend my days.”

And Virginia is especially proud of the opportunity she has to assist elderly pet parents.

“It's great when I’m able to help out the seniors with walking their companions,” she said. “I have walked quite a few for older clients and it is always so rewarding to be there for them and their pups.”

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