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College Scholarship Video Contest


Fall 2016 Submissions Are Now CLOSED! 

Please stay tuned for Spring 2017 dates! 

Help Pay for College with a $1,000 Scholarship from Wag!

Whether you’re preparing for college, or already cramming for your next exam, or project, making ends meet while focusing on your education can be challenging. We know, because we’ve been there too. We also know it’s possible to explore your passions to find ways to earn a little extra cash to help pay for school...like dog walking or, in this case, apply for a $1,000 scholarship from Wag!

Wag! Creative Video Scholarship Contest

Wag! was founded on the belief that dog ownership should be easier for everyone, and that technology could make that happen. So we created the very first mobile app to connect dog owners to a community of dog lovers they can call on to take care of their dog whenever they need.

We’re always thinking of creative ways to improve the experience for our customers while also building trust through transparency. We recently added a Snapchat-like video feature into the app to send dog owners short videos of their dogs doing cool things while in the care of Wag! Dog owners can then share these videos on their social media profiles, because hey, you never know, it could become the next viral video sensation!

This brings us to the assignment for the Wag! Scholarship.

The Assignment

Let’s be real. Dogs videos are awesome. Everyone can appreciate a video of a dog doing something cute, or funny. They make people’s day, and have huge potential to go viral (which is also awesome).

So, we’d like you to make one for the opportunity to win a $1,000 college scholarship, and potentially become the next big thing on the internet!

The assignment for the Wag! Creative Video Scholarship is to make a 1-2 minute video narrative telling the story of “a day in the life of a dog” from the perspective of a dog.

You have full creative control on how you storyboard and shoot your video, but here’s a few to help add context:

  • Situation: Think of unique situations, or locations where a dog was present.
  • Narrative: Include a voice over of thoughts going through the dog’s mind.
  • Perspective: Find clever ways to get a few angles/shots from the dog’s perspective (safety first my friends!)
  • Effects: Try and make use of different video styles like slow/fast motion, time-lapse etc.
Here's a few good examples to get your creativity flowing:

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

In order to qualify for the Wag! Creative Video Scholarship, you must meet the following conditions:
  • Be a resident of the United States
  • Be a graduating high school senior, or currently a freshman, sophomore, or junior in college. We may ask you to show documentation to prove high school graduation date and/or college enrollment.

How to Apply

Once ready, upload your video to a file sharing site like Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, or Google Drive and send the link at scholarship@wagwalking.com, along with a short bio including your scholastic status (high school graduation date, or university standing) and an overview explaining your video concept.

Submission deadline: TBD

Entry is subject to the official rules and conditions. Likewise, your entry grants Wag! full permission to re-publish and otherwise freely use your entry materials.

How We Decide The Winner

Our evaluation panel will comprise of a team member from each department at Wag! to ensure a fair review process. Each submission will be graded on demonstrated creativity in the following areas:
  • Situational Creativity –40%
  • Voice Over Narrative Creativity – 30%
  • Video Composure – 15%
  • Editing/Flow –  15%
We will choose and notify our winner by September 9th, 2016, and we’ll mail him or her a $1,000 check. Check the Wag! Blog for an announcement of the winner!

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