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COVID-19 Updates for the Pet Caregiver Community


The health and safety of the Wag! community is our #1 priority and to help ensure that safety, we’re making updates to the Wag! platform to best support the Pet Caregiver Community during this crisis. Below you’ll find information on recent platform changes, including a dedicated COVID-19 Tip Function, Socially Distanced Services, and our COVID-19 Resource Center. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

Dedicated COVID-19 Tip Function

To support the pet caregiver community in defraying the cost of additional COVID-19 related safety supplies, pet parents now have the option to give a “Dedicated COVID-19 Tip.” This provides a mechanism for a pet parent to help you pay for gloves, hand sanitizer, as well as any other essential equipment.

Socially Distanced Services

Pet parents may update “How to get in” to request the service as a socially distanced service and to provide specific instructions to help limit physical interactions. As a reminder, you can also reach out to the pet parent directly via in-app chat to request to provide your service as a socially distanced service.

This way, when pet parents request a walk, they can simply have their dog ready for pick-up -- harness and leash on -- for when you arrive. Here is an example of simple measures you can take when performing socially distanced services:

  1. Pre-service considerations - Look for home entry details and specific instructions from the pet parent in the Wag! app under the “How to get in” section that can help limit physical interaction. For example, a pet parent might suggest: “Socially Distanced Service - I’ll have Fido ready with a harness and leash on. Please knock or message me in-app when you arrive and I’ll open the front door and hand the attached leash to you."

  2. Help ensure a smooth handoff - Feel free to utilize in-app chat to connect with the pet parent so that both parties are on the same page with a simple hand off and any other instructions for the socially distanced service.

  3. Minimize the spread of germs - Remember to wash your hands before handling the leash and after both pick-up and drop-off and follow advice from public health authorities like the CDC.

COVID-19 Resource Center

We’re working hard on additional solutions and recommendations in these unique times to help pet caregivers and pet parents stay safe and healthy. We’ve created a dedicated COVID-19 Resource Center so you can keep yourself updated on the impact and best practices for you and pets. The resource center will continue to be updated as we learn more about the developing situation.

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