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Did You Bring Your Dog to Work Today?

National Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Wag! employees bringing pawfice pups from home to the office

We’ve got dogs in the house! The office, actually. And with good reason. First, today is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day. And second, at Wag!, we’re lucky enough to bring our dogs into work every day.

Perks of having a Pawfice Pup

Wag! employees enjoying National Bring Your Dog to WorkDay with their pups

Our purpose at Wag! is to create joy for dogs and those who love them — but really, it’s the dogs creating joy for us. And there's science behind the fact that bringing your dog to work is an employee benefit.

Dogs in the office improve moods, spark smiles, and even make employees healthier. Studies show that pets in the workplace have calming effects, reduce blood pressure, lower stress, and make employees more cordial and productive.”

Employees who bring their dogs to work also have a more balanced work day. They take time to go for a walk outside and play with their pup.

Bring your dog to work at Wag!

Wag! HR making sure their employee's dogs feel loved by toys and dog treats in the Wag! office

Since every workday is Bring Your Dog to Work Day at Wag!, we’re fortunate enough to regularly fill our offices with pawfice pups. They become members of our teams — even if they sleep through meetings — and make our offices a lot more fun. (There’s nothing like seeing a good slobbery, doggie wrestling match to brighten the mood.)

Want to work someplace where you can bring your dog to work? We’re always looking for more paw-some Wagsters and their pups to join our team

Of course, if your workplace doesn’t allow dogs, you can always schedule a walk for your best friend on the Wag! app. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

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