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Do you love your dog more than your significant other or kids?


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”– Josh Billings

August 26 is National Dog Appreciation Day otherwise known as National Dog Day. Here at Wag!, we know that no one will ever love and appreciate you more than your pooch, so we set out to discover if the feeling was mutual. We surveyed 2,000 dog parents to see just how much they love their dog along with the crazy ways they show it.  And the results truly demonstrated just how special our pets are to us!

When dog parents were asked who they show the most love and attention to in their household, pets proved to be the “top dog” with 38% of respondents. That’s more than our kids (31%) and our spouses or significant others (23%).

Our dogs truly earn that love and attention, considering we turn to them most often in our times of need. As a matter of fact, a staggering 44% of people said they are most likely to turn to their dog for comfort when they’re feeling sad or angry, compared to only 34% who would instead go to their spouse or significant other.

We also learned that pet parents do some interesting things to show their dogs how much they truly appreciate them.

  • Nearly 25% of pet parents have thrown their dog a birthday party, 60% have purchased them a birthday or holiday gift, and 88% have fed them a special treat or meal.

  • Nearly 15% of respondents had tattoos honoring their dogs, and almost one-third of dog owners would consider getting one -- paw prints being the clear tattoo of choice. Those wanting to ink “man’s best friend” on their body for an eternity are in good company with celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus and Pink rocking their own dog tattoos.

  • And helicopter dog parenting seems to be a growing trend because 1 of 5 respondents said they’ve purchased technology (web cameras, etc.) to check in on their pet throughout the day.

So this Dog Appreciation Day be sure to show your pup some major love whether it’s something as simple as booking some extra exercise with your local Wag! walker, bringing home a doggie cupcake or heading to your local tattoo artist for some adorable artwork.

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