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Why Does My Dog Sleep at My Feet?


Way back in the bygone days before the domestication of dogs, man’s best friends used to live in the wild and were forced on the hunt for a safe space to sleep each night. Dogs in the wild would find a relatively sheltered and safe place before succumbing to a vulnerable position. This is a natural predisposition that comes from generation to generation and is part of the essence of being a dog. 

Nowadays, domesticated dogs no longer have to hunt for food and look for a place where they can bed down so there may be several reasons your dog enjoys sleeping by your feet. 

a brown dog is laying under a table at a commercial area in a plaza

What are the reasons your dog enjoys sleeping by your feet?

an adult dog is sleeping at their pet parent's feet

1. Dogs are natural pack animals and are programmed to protect their pack and its leaders. By positioning themselves on your elevated, sleeping rectangle at the furthest distance from your head, they’ve positioned themselves to be in the best strategic position to afford an attack defense, should it be necessary. 

2. Some dogs seek cooler locations, which may be a floor, and some just like soft surfaces to sleep on. 

3. Puppies often sleep at their mother's tail or a few feet to the side, presumably this is an instinctive way to avoid being rolled over on or crushed underfoot. 

4. A content dog is likely choosing a place of comfort where they don't get rolled on - a small dog fond of their owner will want to be nearby but perhaps can't sleep with their full mass looming over them. 

5. If your dog is passive and shy, this is the way he'll reassure himself that you're always going to be there for him. While sleeping on a person's feet may not be the most appropriate place for a refreshing nap, imperfectly safe for both you and your bed friend. 

So cuddle up!

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This is helpful ty he’s been doing it for a long time and I never knew why
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Clarissa Lion


This is so helpful! Thank you! Clarissa Lion

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