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Flying with Your Dog on Frontier Airlines


Written by Mel Lee-Smith

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Published: 12/01/2020, edited: 10/26/2022

Frontier Airlines is known for its exceptionally low prices and discount clubs, but did you know this airline is super pet-friendly? While many airlines are indeed pet-friendly, regulations for pet travel vary substantially between companies. This guide will dive into the ins and outs of Frontier Airline's pet policy to ensure you don't get hung up on the fine print.

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Frontier Airlines Pet Policy: Domestic Travel

In-cabin travel

According to Frontier Air's pet travel policy, in-cabin is the only travel method that the airline supports for pets. Many factors influence whether a dog is eligible for in-cabin travel, including their crate, behavior, health, and the flight type. Unaccompanied pets and minors are prohibited from flying alone. In addition to the kennel, pet handlers may bring a carry-on item with them or pay extra to bring a piece of larger carry-on luggage.

Crate Requirements

The safety and comfort of your dog and other passengers is paramount, which is why Frontier Airlines has rigorous crate requirements. Carriers will have to fit under the seat, so the size specifications are quite strict. Crates cannot be longer than 18 inches, wider than 14 inches, or taller than 8 inches.

Hard-sided crates are allowed; however, soft-sided cages give more leeway as far as acceptable sizes. Your pet must fit comfortably in the container. Your pup should be able to reposition themselves, stand, and sleep without hunching or their body parts sticking out of the crate. You may not, under any circumstances, open or let your pet out of the kennel while on the plane. 

Not all seats have enough space to accommodate a crate, but if you tell your flight attendant, they may be able to relocate you to somewhere with more room. You won't be allowed to occupy seats in first or exit rows since this could interfere with evacuation if there is an emergency. 

Health Requirements and Documentation

Pets aren't required to have paperwork if they're flying domestically; however, service dogs do. Service dog handlers must provide documentation that their service animal is current on all the recommended vaccinations. Service dog handlers must give verbal confirmation that their animal is indeed a service dog, but no additional paperwork is required.

Booking Procedures and Fees

Frontier Airlines charges a flat rate of $99 each way for pets. You may pay this fare when you book your flight or the day of. Once you check in at the ticket counter, you will keep your pet with you the entire time and board with them in tow. 

Exemptions and Other Considerations

Codeshare flights have slightly different regulations depending on the partnership. Codeshare flights are essentially a joint flight promoted by 2 separate airlines but marketed as a single flight. 

Emotional support and service animals are not required to be in a kennel during flight, but they must adhere to the same requirements and regulations as pets if they are. Emotional support animals can sit in the owner's lap or at their feet, but never in a seat by themselves or in the aisle. 

Passengers traveling with an emotional support animal must notify the airline 48 hours before departure. You’ll need to submit 3 forms to fly: a medical or mental health professional verification form, a pet health certificate from a veterinarian, and a passenger acknowledgement form. The airline may need to verify your documents.

Frontier prohibits ESAs and service animals under 4 months of age. If you have a service dog, make sure they are leashed and under full control for the entire flight and during their time in the airport.

On-board animals (ESAs or otherwise) may be dismissed if they are noisy, smelly, aggressive, or make a mess on the plane or in the terminal. Frontier Airlines prohibits feeding or watering dogs on the plane and suggests owners refrain from feeding their pets within 4 hours of the flight since this can cause motion sickness and stress on the animal. 

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Cargo Hold Travel

Frontier Airlines doesn't allow cargo hold travel for pets on domestic flights or when traveling to Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Frontier Airlines Pet Policy: International Travel

While bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs, and some pet birds are only allowed on domestic flights, dogs and cats are allowed on Frontier flights outside of the US.

In-cabin travel

The booking procedures and fees are the same as domestic travel when flying with dogs on Frontier Airlines, but only flights to Mexico and the Dominican Republic allow pets to ride in the cabin. Pets traveling to all other international destinations must ride in the cargo compartment. 

Health Regulations and Documentation 

Mexico and the Dominican Republic are some of the most common destinations for American passengers. In some ways, these destinations are more relaxed in their pet travel regulations, though there are some additional steps you'll have to take if you're traveling there with a dog. 

Your pet will need a signed document from your veterinarian stating your dog is free of transmittable disease, parasites, and any illness that could make them unable to fly. If you’re traveling to Puerto Rico, you'll need a health certificate dated no more than one month before your arrival. 

If you're traveling to Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, you’ll need to obtain a health certificate for your dog with 2 weeks of your journey. This number is reduced to 5 days for entry to Mexico and 10 days if you're returning to the US. 

It's mandatory that pups 4 months and older be vaccinated before flying to Costa Rica or Puerto Rica. Canada also requires visiting pooches to have up-to-date rabies immunizations and a health certificate to prove they don't have parasites. Canada, the Dominican Republic, and some other countries ask for additional veterinary proof that dogs don't have fleas or worms and that they receive preventative care for parasites. 

Your vet will need to list your and your pet's name and address, their breed, age, travel destination, and their current immunizations and boosters on the health certificate. When flying internationally, Frontier Airlines suggests vaccinating pets against hepatitis, PIP, and leptospirosis. 

Identification Tags 

When traveling to Puerto Rico, pets must have multiple identification tags and a collar that the animal cannot remove. One ID tag should have your home address and personal number, and the other should have the contact information of where you'll be staying during your trip. Though only Puerto Rico has this rule, we highly suggest doing this when traveling anywhere, domestic or otherwise. 

Exemptions and Other Considerations

Frontier Airlines advise against giving sedatives or tranquilizers to dogs before a flight, especially if they fly in the cargo bay. Unnecessary medication may increase the likelihood of nausea or other adverse effects due to the altitude.  

Do your research before flying outside of the US to ensure you have all the necessary documents you need to transport an animal. Frontier Airlines is not responsible or liable for informing you of international and foreign laws. 

Will this be your first time flying with a dog on Frontier Airlines? Check out our guide on how to fly with a dog to make sure your flight is smooth sailing! 

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This information presented is outdated at best and criminally negligent at worst. As of 2021, emotional support animals are not service animals under US law, and Affrontier stipulates just service animals qualify for special services.

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Do you have a car here that is 19 inches long. With this be a problem with frontier?. Even if we sit in the stretch seats.

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