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Gift Guide for Mail Carriers (#3 is Going to Make You Laugh!)



You finally have a mail carrier that you can count on, one who never delivers someone else’s mail to your box, who tolerates your fur baby and hands out treats, even brings packages up on the porch in inclement weather. 

Christmas is coming, so what do you get for a cherished mail person? To begin with, mail carriers have to abide by federal regulations that prohibit them from accepting gifts that cost more than $20. Anything over that amount needs to be returned or reimbursed to the giver, including gift cards and money. So, although there are many gifts that your mailbox Santa could use and appreciate, they’re fur-bidden if they cost more than 20 bucks. 

Need some furbulous gift ideas for your dedicated mail carrier? Let’s look at some inexpensive DIY gifts to spread cheer this holiday season.


A hot beverage mug is welcome by everyone, because when can you ever have enough of them? Although there are millions of mugs out there, why purchase one when you can make one at home with your personal message on it? It can be funny or sentimental, but it will always bring a smile, and they’re useful, too! Your mail delivery person will appreciate a caffeine delivery system all their own!

You can get plain white mugs at your local discount or craft store, which you can then decorate with oil-based paints or sharpies. If you can find a photo of the USPS logo to copy, what a furtastic gift that would make! Stencils come in all shapes and sizes, including letters plain and fancy, outdoor scenes, nature, and dogs! A picture and a stenciled greeting would be pawfect!

Just decorate your mug and bake it in the oven at 325 F for about half an hour. The cooled, finished product will be microwave- and dishwasher-safe! Ho, ho, ho!

Mail carrier survival kit

Siberian Husky accepting a dog treat

While many mail carriers know it’s a good idea to make friends with the pooches on their routes, some may not know how to do it. Treats are a great solution, as they can distract a pupper, communicate that the carrier wants to be pals, and when thrown far enough away, may even buy time for a hasty retreat. Homemade doggy treats are easy and fun to make, and they’re healthy! You probably already have most of the ingredients in your pantry. Peanut butter treats are a sure hit with the doggos, and they’ll smell so good, your postal person may want to sample one! Put them in a burlap bag with a bow and you’re all done!

Another item you may want to include is a can of dog repellant for those dogs who just don't want to be friends. These solutions are dog-safe, but contain irritating ingredients and work at a distance of 12 feet. Available in pet and hardware stores, and online, a quick spray from a can of repellent may improve the odds of coming away unscathed. 

Butt Protectors

Most dog parents know when the mail carrier is coming because their pooch begins to bark excitedly. Whether out of happiness at seeing their postal “friend” or to protect the house and its occupants, these can be scary moments for the mail guy or gal, especially if the pup slips out of the house or fence. 

But Mr. or Ms. Postal Worker can breathe a sigh of relief if they’re wearing protective gear like butt and hip pads under their clothes. They’re useful for mail carriers running across the yard or down the street with a doggo on their heels. 

While you can purchase ready-made butt-protector pants with padding, why not have some fun making your own? Look for patterns at the craft store for "bike pads," or just cut some flexible foam or an old yoga mat into ovals with scissors. Then, they just need to be slipped into a pair of leggings, tights, or bicycle shorts for comfort and security. Just don’t fur-get to label your gift so the mail guy or gal knows what to do with them!

A goody bag or box

chocolate chip cookies - gifts for your mail carrier

Imagine being stuck in a USPS truck all morning, and lunch is still an hour away. Your hungry mail carrier pulls up to the next mailbox, and there it is! A holiday box or bag filled with Fido-approved water, juice, soft drinks, cookies, crackers, candy, and even fruit. Now imagine how grateful they’ll be to have received such a pawsome holiday gift! 

That next hour before their lunch will fly by! And there’s enough for tomorrow, too! Just remember to include items that are commercially made and wrapped – most homemade goodies will remain uneaten because of safety concerns.

Fun DIY wearables

Look for fabric that has a postal service theme, or any theme that appeals to you. From this, you can make DIY face masks, scrunchies, headbands, and if you know your mail delivery person has a fur baby, make a doggy bandana. Or show your support for the USPS by dressing your fur buddy in the bandana to greet your post person!

You can find shirts online sporting sayings such as, “Easily distracted by mailboxes and dogs” that are quirky and fun. Try decorating your own on a short- or long-sleeved tee with whatever you want on it. Your local craft store offers tees in white or various colors, and all the materials you'll need to personalize it, including stencils, iron-on patches, graphics, and fabric paints. 

These cute items will lighten up a mail carrier’s time off when they can remove their restrictive USPS uniforms and relax. 

DIY Christmas ornaments

dog with a warm hat on

Do you embroider? There is a USPS logo embroidery pattern available online that would make a pawfect Christmas tree decoration when placed inside an ornament frame with a loop. The pattern comes in different sizes, and you can slip it into an envelope with your pup’s pawprint on the outside for holiday cheer! 

Clear glass or ceramic ornaments can also be painted and covered with decoupage glue to make beautiful and long-lasting baubles for the tree or window. You can simply write a message or draw a picture of a mailbox on them to make them extra special.

Another homemade ornament technique is the “temporary tattoo” method that takes just ten minutes with these 5 steps!

  • Take a purchased ceramic or glass ornament on hand
  • Choose a temporary tattoo at your craft or novelty store. There are many patterns to choose from, possibly including one with a postal service theme!
  • Remove the plastic cover from the tattoo, and moisten the back with a sponge for about 30 seconds
  • Press the tattoo onto the ornament, taking care not to move it – it will smudge. If you make a mistake merely clean the ornament with rubbing alcohol and start over
  • Let the tattoo dry completely, and paint the ornament with clear decoupage glue with a brush. Let it dry again, wrap and gift!

Your mail carrier will love getting a gift made by hand, and you’ll have loads of fun doing it!

Whether you live in the city or are a rural mail customer, it’s fun to spread holiday cheer by gifting your mail carrier with something useful or just fanciful that you made yourself. So go ahead and make your mail carrier smile this holiday season!

Share your own gift ideas in the comments below!

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