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Try Out These 5 Nifty Dog Accessories For 2021 Pet Photo Day


Written by Aurus Sy

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Published: 07/09/2021, edited: 08/04/2021


July 11th is All American Pet Photo Day! Not that you needed another reason to take photos of your furry friend — your camera roll is already full of images of your pup eating, sleeping, playing, and just being the adorable goofball that they are.

But hey, why not join in on the fun? It’s a good way to spend quality time with your pooch, plus it’s a good excuse to show them off on social media. So grab your camera and some treats, and start snapping away! If you want to jazz up your pup’s photos, try these nifty dog accessories to make your pal stand out even more!

Bling collar

For the pampered pooch, only the finest (fake) gems will do. Typically made with rhinestones and/or faux pearls, a bling collar is an ideal accessory for your little prince or princess. The options are practically endless — from simple designs with a few rhinestones here and there to ones that go all out with the sparkle, you’ll find something that suits your pup’s style and personality.

Keep in mind that many bling collars are fashion accessories that aren’t meant to be worn 24/7, so don’t forget to replace it with your pup’s regular collar after the photoshoot.


Ah, the good old bandana! One of the easiest dog accessories to get ahold of, a bandana never fails to elevate a canine’s look instantly. Your four-legged friend probably already has a few of these in their wardrobe. For All American Pet Photo Day, why not take things up a notch by getting them a personalized bandana?

It’s easy to find vendors who can put your pup’s name or a custom phrase on a bandana. Or if you have heat transfer vinyl supplies or an embroidery machine, you can go the DIY route and personalize an old one. Try a funny phrase like “Will Sit for Treats” or “Sock Thief”!

Bow tie

Turn your handsome pupper into a dapper gentleman with a bow tie. These stylish dog accessories come in so many beautiful colors and patterns that you might end up buying more than one, allowing your dog a few “outfit changes” throughout the photoshoot.

Some bow ties are sold individually and slip onto your pup’s collar, while others come with a matching collar. For the ladies, bows and flowers are great for adding a feminine touch — these furbulous accessories can be attached to a collar or worn on the head.


If your dog likes to ham it up for the camera, why not give them a silly hat to wear? Pet hats come in a myriad of designs and let your pooch transform into almost anything, from a strawberry to a dinosaur. There are also more conventional styles such as baseball caps, beanies, and berets.

Hats are easier to put on than costumes, allowing you to dress your pooch up without too much of a hassle. Whichever type of headgear your canine pal sports, it’ll surely make the photos fun and memorable!

LED Collar

In case you’re not familiar with an LED dog collar, it’s a collar that lights up and provides visibility during evening walks. They’re rechargeable and available in different colors. In other words, they look really nice and are very useful! And they make cool photo accessories as well. Try this idea with your canine model: Dim the lights, turn on the LED collar, and use night mode on your camera to take photos. Your pup will look like they’re from outer space or the future!

Bonus: matching dog and human accessories

It may be All American Pet Photo Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also be in the photos with your furry friend! Donning matching dog and human accessories not only makes your photos look great, but it also lets everyone know how much you and your pooch adore each other. You can match your dog’s bandana with a scrunchie, headband, or shirt with the same pattern, or you can wear matching hats.

Dogs can be tricky to photograph, but don’t worry too much about getting the pawfect shot. When you focus on having fun with your best friend and letting their personality shine, you’ll love the end results, even if they’re a little blurry!

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