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Go Green with These DIY Pet Toys!


Written by Adam Lee-Smith

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Published: 04/18/2022, edited: 04/24/2023


Earth Day is April 22, which means it's time for you and your pup to help "pawtect" the planet! Over $1 billion worth of pet toys are sold each year in the US — only for our fur-babies to destroy them immediately! 

Considering the energy and raw materials used to produce the toys, plus the fuel used to transport them, the pet toy industry puts a real strain on Mother Earth.

So, instead of buying a new toy, why not craft something for your canine or feline? DIY pet toys are a great way to upcycle old materials, and you'll save a few bucks too.

These DIY pet toy tutorials are super simple, making use of old fleece blankets, socks, and cardboard boxes. Let's take a look!

How to Make a Fun DIY Dog Toy Rope Out of T-shirt Yarn by A Crafty Concept

In this YouTube tutorial, A Crafty Concept shows us how to make a totally recycled rope toy out of old fleece blankets, t-shirts, or blue jeans. Weaving this rope toy is a soothing activity that requires no sewing. Your pup is sure to love playing tug-of-war with this upcycled and durable toy

DIY Snuffle Mat Dog Toy by Proud Dog Mom

A snuffle mat is a "pawsome" puzzle toy that'll keep your pup entertained for hours. Just hide treats between the pieces of fabric and let Luna loose! The only materials you'll need to make Proud Dog Mom's invention are some old fleece blankets and an old cardboard box.

How to Make a Party Maker by Purina Friskies

Cats love to play, too, and the Purina Friskies YouTube channel has a whole series on how to make your own DIY cat toys. For this DIY party maker, all you need to do is cut up an old treat packet into strips and tape them to the end of a stick or pole. All cat parents know kitties go crazy for this kind of toy!

DIY No-Sew Heart Dog Toy by Sea Lemon

Squeaky dog toys can't be beat, and this tutorial by Sea Lemon shows crafty pet parents how to make an adorable squeaky heart using some old fleece. You can even upcycle the stuffing and squeaker from an old toy Charlie's ripped to shreds. The best part of this tutorial? No sewing!

Muffin Tin DIY Dog Brain Game by Oodle Life

One of the best-known and easiest DIY toys for dogs is the muffin game. Just grab a muffin tin, some old tennis balls, and treats. This brain game will keep your canine busy for hours at a time and can be repeated time after time using the same materials.

Easy To Make DIY Cat Toys Your Pet Will Love! by Craft Factory

This tutorial by Craft Factory combines three straightforward methods for making your own cat toys into one convenient video. We especially love the first tutorial, which shows you how to make a cute fish toy out of a sock, shredded paper, and catnip. You can also make a cat dangler and a ring toy.

No stuffing Easy Donut Sock Dog Toy for Small & Medium Dogs by Bobby & Bambi's DIY

Does your dog love chewing on your donut hair buns? Min Young over at YouTube channel Bobby & Bambi's DIY has created a super cute donut squeaky toy inspired by her dog's love of hair buns. This tutorial is slightly more crafty than others on this list and requires a bit of embroidery, but it's a "grrreat" way of using up a pair of old knee-high socks.

Need some more Earth Day inspo? Check out our other guides on eco-friendly pet parenthood!

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