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How to Build a Dog Walking Business


Written by Kim Rain

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Published: 04/14/2021, edited: 10/05/2022

So, you’ve decided to start a dog walking business for some extra cash. Maybe you are ready to ditch the 9 to 5 job and work for yourself. Perhaps you just love dogs and want to spend more time around these cute, furry furiends. Or you could be looking for the health benefits of consistent exercise outside in the fresh air. Whatever your reason, a job in dog walking is a pawrific way to earn money on your own terms, choose when you work and who you work with.  

And while working as a dog walker is definitely flexible, and extremely fun, it is still a business that you’ll need to devote some time to outside of dog walks. Let’s take a look at how to make your dream of a dog walking business a reality.

How to Build a Successful Dog Walking Business

If you are starting up a dog walking business, there are some things to consider as you hit the pavement with a pup to keep your clients coming back for more walks.

  1. Offer excellent service- Delivering 5-star customer service to each and every dog and pet parent you meet is the best way to ensure a pawfect experience for them, and keep them coming back. This includes everything from conducting furtastic walks to regularly cleaning up after the dogs, to respecting your client’s home and privacy.
  2. Have clear expectations- Always be up front when discussing what you do and do not offer with potential pet parents to ensure there’s never any confusion about services.
  3. Go the extra mile- Pet parents appreciate the dedication and time you put in for them and their canine pal. Attending meet and greets, spending time getting to know the dog and their family, and providing additional services like dog sitting, boarding or training can cement your relationship with them and create a loyal client.
  4. Continue your education- You should already be familiar with dog walking techniques and types of leashes and harnesses before you start dog walking for clients. But you should also research any certifications needed for your area, as well as continue to expand your knowledge in other areas of pet care that can provide you with additional skills pet parents will appreciate. These may be the factors that separate you from the competition.
  5. Provide feedback- Letting pet parents know how their dog is doing on your walks is the best way to show them how safe and happy their pooch is with you. Open communication and your focused attention to their canine baby is a great way to earn your client’s trust and loyalty.

Knowing how to please dogs and their parents from the start can help your dream grow into a profitable career. But let’s not furget the business side with expenses, licensing, and marketing. 

If you just want to walk dogs without all the business red tape, joining a nationwide platform backed by a good reputation and a host of clients is the way to go, and can let you focus on the fun part: walking furbulous pooches!

How to Become a Dog Walker with Wag!

Need a little help getting started? With the Wag! app, a nationwide technology platform specializing in safe and reliable pet services by connecting dog walkers, sitters and trainers with pet parents who have pet care needs. Through the dog walker app, you can build your business and become your own boss with Wag!.

  1. Easily connect with Pet Parents- Browse dog walk requests, or get notified when a dog walking request appears in your area. You can also chat in real-time with Pet Parents to share information about their dog, or find out about any special needs.
  2. Enjoy a flexible schedule- Set the days and times you are available on your dog walker profile, and update whenever your availability changes. You can even change your location when traveling outside your hometown. 
  3. Pick a walk- With pre-scheduled or on-demand walks for 20, 30, or 60-minutes each, you can find the right kind of walk for your schedule and abilities.
  4. Set your prices- Choose how much you charge for each walk, which you can adjust anytime in the Wag! App. You can even add services like sitting, boarding or even drop-ins.
  5. Promote your business- With the dog walker app, you can share your profile with social media platforms or link it to your own public sites to attract even more clients. The app can also help you make flyers to post in your neighborhood.

As a Pet Caregiver with Wag!, you can work when and how often you like, and still enjoy the benefits of a nationwide community of Pet Caregivers and Pet Parents, with access to training and help along the way. 

To get started walking furbulous dogs, just download the Wag! App on your preferred device and tap “Become a Dog Walker” to begin your application.

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