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How Wag! Strives to Earn Your Trust Every Day


by Heather Rothenberg, Wag! VP of Trust and Safety

Every day, we work to earn the trust of thousands of dog parents across the country. Our customers count on Wag! walkers and sitters to care for their beloved pets. It’s my job to ensure we earn that trust by delivering care with safety top of mind. In fact, it’s in my title here at Wag! — vice president of trust and safety.

The Wag! commitment to your pet’s safety

I’m a relative newcomer to Wag!, and I couldn’t ask for a better place to be. Before I joined the company, I talked to a lot of Wagsters! who are now my colleagues, and I was struck by their commitment to delivering for our pet parents and their pets — and by their genuine love of dogs.

That commitment is exemplified in many ways, and it starts at the top with our chief executive officer, Hilary Schneider. In fact, I think it says something that one of her first steps as CEO was creating and filling the trust and safety leadership position. She is, like me, a long-time dog parent, and she’s dedicated to ensuring the best possible experience for you and your pet.

Why you can trust us with your pet’s safety

Even as the inventor of on-demand dog walking, we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We continuously strive to advance our trust and safety efforts. And when we develop a new policy or process, our technology allows us to quickly deploy it across the platform to help ensure your pet’s safety.

Just this week, we shared news about creating a Wag! advisory board, dedicated to furthering the safety and well-being of our community of dogs, walkers and pet parents. I’ll work closely with the board, which includes two respected veterinarians, an experienced dog trainer, and a highly regarded, retired law enforcement agent. They’ll play a key role in helping us continually improve our screening process for walkers and sitters, advance our safety protocols, and create educational content for pet parents, walkers and sitters.

Wag! walkers are dog lovers — and so much more

As a pet parent, you probably want to know about the people who’ll interact with your dog. Not just anyone can become a Wag! walker. To be sure, they share a love of dogs, and many already were dog walkers or have worked with pets in other jobs. But their passion and experience aren’t enough.

We thoroughly vet and test all walker applicants on dog-handling experience, and we conduct background screenings to ensure they are people you can trust and feel comfortable with. Toward that end, our app lets you see how your dog’s walk is going every step of the way. And all walks, boardings, and sittings are insured up to $1 million.

Prepared — and ready to act when needed

As lovable as dogs are, they can sometimes be unpredictable. In the rare instance when something goes wrong, we respond quickly. Wag! has protocols in place for off-leash incidents to help bring the dog home safely. This effort is led by dedicated safety team members who work 24/7 on each case and use proven tactics that have been successful in nearly all incidents.

Our methods include using professional dog trackers, search parties through our walker network, offering monetary rewards, distributing community flyers, the use of robocalls and drones, and implementing dog Amber Alerts on social media.

We’re committed to trust and safety. That’s a promise from me — the proud pet parent of India, who’s as much a part of my family as your pet is to yours.  

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