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Kevin - A Columbus Dog Walker Spotlight Story



Meet one of Wag!’s most wooftastic walkers

One of the most popular Pet Caregivers on the Wag! platform, Kevin describes himself as “caring, reliable, and trustworthy”. And he has the track record to prove it. 

Since joining Wag! in October 2018, Kevin’s completed over 900 services with rave reviews earning him a 4.95 star rating! 

Kevin’s joining us on the blog today to talk about his experience as a Pet Caregiver and volunteer at his local animal shelter. He even shares some words of wisdom for anyone thinking about becoming a dog walker with Wag!. Take it away, Kevin!

How did you hear about Wag! and what made you sign up to be a Pet Caregiver?

I discovered Wag! when l was looking for a second career after working 30 years in an office setting. I decided to give it a shot based on the fact I could be my own boss and set my own schedule, as well as the health and wellness benefits of being around dogs.

Three years is impressive! What have you learned about walking dogs since you started with Wag!?

No two dogs are alike. They all have their own personalities. 

What is your favorite thing about walking with Wag!?

The satisfaction I get from knowing the dogs appreciate getting out, not only to take care of their business but also that they appreciate a caregiver who allows them to exercise their mind, body and soul which provides for a better quality of life.

Do you have a routine or a pattern while walking? If so, what do you do?

I do not have a routine because every walk is different. I try to adapt to what I feel each dog needs based on owner recommendations, experience, and dog behavior.

Dog walker Kevin's detailed report card about his dog walk with Stella, his client

Your report cards are very detailed. How long does it take to write them?

It only takes 5 to 10 minutes, I have written enough now that the language seems to come easy to me based on what the dog and I experienced on our walk. I know most owners value the report cards so I try and personalize them as much as possible.

What is your best memory of a service thus far? Why?

I do not have one moment that stands out. I think the combined memories of the relationships I have built with some of my repeat clients and their dogs is what I enjoy more than any one aspect of this profession.

If you could give a piece of advice to a new Wag! Pet Caregiver, what would you say?

Patience is a virtue. I like to let the dog dictate a lot of how our walk is going to go. Some dogs love to stop and smell the roses, others benefit from a little quicker pace to stretch their legs, and some just want to be loved on, and a belly rub satisfies that need. 

I find that being patient and reading the dog’s body language goes a long way to making most walks as memorable as possible for both myself and the pet. And oh yeah — send the owner videos. Most appreciate that, especially when you have returned from a walk and they can see their pet has returned and is safely back at home.

Anything else you’d like to say?

I find volunteering at our local dog shelter to be very gratifying and would encourage anyone who has a love of dogs to explore those opportunities with their local shelter. It is a great way to give back for those who have the time and interest.

A big thank you to Kevin for sharing his story with us and providing outstanding care to the canines of Columbus. We’re blessed to have dependable Pet Caregivers like Kevin on our platform. If you’re in the area, book a walk or a drop-in session with Kevin. Not a resident of the Buckeye State? Find a dog walker near you and discover what everyone’s barking about!

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