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We are LOVING the Way This Little Dog Begs For Food


Ever since 19 year old Adriana Burkhart brought Bella home, her dog Hank has been smitten. The two regularly pal around and have been inseparable, often playing and taking naps together. Burkhart said Bella figured out how to climb on Hank all by herself around a year ago, when she realized she needed a boost to get on the couch.

"Whenever we're making food, she uses Hank to get a better vantage point so she can be closer to the counter," said Burkhart via Buzzfeed. "She's got a pretty good puppy dog eye, so they both end up getting treats whenever that happens."

Hank, who Burkhart said "isn't the brightest crayon in the box," doesn't seem to mind carrying Bella around.

"Honestly, most of the time, Hank doesn't even seem to notice," she said. "I'm pretty sure that he likes it, because when she jumps down he'll follow her around."

Seems like a match made in doggie heaven!

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