Man and His Look-Alike Dog Dress in Matching Clothes

tophybrophy11 There's just something unparalled about the bond between a person and their dog, especially in the case of Topher Brophy and his adorable Aussiedoodle dog, Rosenberg. Their bond is so tight, they've begun to dress like twins. The two share the same piercing blue eyes, scraggly facial hair and a genuine hipster style. And, as luck would have it, when it comes to posing, the two are once again on the same level—their facial expressions mimmic one another in rather effortless way. “Rosenberg has a temperament unlike any dog I've ever met," Brophy told The Dodo. "He has an almost regal sense of tranquility, confidence and inner wisdom.We look so much alike physically, and do everything together, so dressing the same just feels natural for us.” See more of this dynamic duo by following Brophy’s Instagram. tophybrophy12 tophybrophy3 tophybrophy5 tophybrophy16  tophybrophy14 tophybrophy6 tophybrophy2 tophybrophy13 tophybrophy15 tophybrophy17 tophybrophy7 tophybrophy1 tophybrophy4 tophybrophy9