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Meet Antje - A Virginia Dog Walker



We're back with another Pet Caregiver Spotlight story, to spotlight top pawsome Pet Caregivers around the nation who provide pet care on the Wag! platform! This time, we're featuring Antje -- a pup-loving dog walker from Virginia. We've asked Antje a series of fun questions to get to know her better! Here's what we asked Antje.

Profile of vetted dog walker Antje who walks dogs through the Wag! app in Virginia

Hi Antje! To start, where are you from?

Antje: I live in Alexandria, Virginia!

Do you have any dogs of your own or have you had any in the past?

Antje: I do not currently have a dog of my own.  I am the pet parent of two senior cats, Andy and Heidi.  Growing up I had a chocolate lab and a black lab.  I would love a dog of my own but right now I am so happy to be able to "borrow" time and snuggles with the dogs I care for through Wag!.

How did you hear about Wag!?

Antje: I heard about Wag! from advertisements on TV and social media.

What is your favorite neighborhood to walk in?

Antje: If I had to pick one, I'd pick Old Town Alexandria. It's one of the most dog friendly areas and the dogs love the extra attention they get from the people and they love to be able to sniff and smell around the waterfront.

So, Antje, what's your story? Tell us about yourself!

Antje: I am an Elementary School Physical Education teacher.  I teach at a public school here in Alexandria, VA. I was looking for extra work and also an opportunity to work on my physical and mental health. Wag! does both! What a blessing Wag! has been, it's extra income while getting exercise and provides a way for me to clear my mind. Not to mention the biggest benefit...meeting and spending time with the most adorable, wonderful, dog friends!  My entire life I have been obsessed with animals.  I've always had animals growing up and enjoyed caring for the stray cats in my neighborhood as a child.  When I saw an opportunity to work with Wag! as a dog walker and dog sitter I jumped at the opportunity.  I started working with Wag! back in December of 2018 and have walked over 1200 dogs thus far.  The relationships I have built with the dogs and with the pet parents are priceless.  The pet parents put their trust in me to not only care for their beloved family member but also the security of their homes.  It's an honor that someone would allow me and trust me to enter their homes and care for their beloved pet.  I take my responsibilities for the security of the home and the safety of the pet very seriously.  I treat the entire experience the way I would expect my home and cats to be treated.  I make the walk, sitting or boarding an experience that revolves or focuses on the dog.  It's all about the do and whether it's a 20 minute drop in or a 60 minute deluxe walk, I want the dog to feel special and loved while in my care.

What is your favorite thing about walking with Wag!?

Antje: My favorite thing about walking with Wag! is spending time with the dogs and building relationships with the pet parents. It's so cute to spend time with a dog and then get to meet the pet parent only to find out that dogs DO have similar personalities to their owners.  And it's like "oh, I get why Fido is so jolly and outgoing now..." 

What new/old interests or hobbies have you been up to during this shelter-in-place?

Antje: I've gotten back into puzzles, baking, and reading!

What's one thing about you that surprises people?

Antje: The one thing about me that surprises people is when they find out I am a military veteran!

Wow! Thank you for your service, Antje! 🙌

Anything else you would like to say?

Antje: I love Wag! and it has changed the course of my life.  It's gotten to the point where I will take "personal days or mental health days' from my primary job in order to walk dogs.  I opted in for a preferred walk once for one of my regular clients without checking the time of the walk.  Turns out it overlapped with my teaching schedule.  Instead of canceling the walk, I put in for a day off! LOL! Also, check out some of my pictures of my Wag! Walking adventures on Instagram @antjecarsen! 

Well, folks! That's a wrap. 👏👏👏 We'll post another edition of our Pet Caregiver Spotlight series to the blog soon! See you! 🐾

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