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Pet Boarders: Meet & Greet Checklist for New Pet Boarders


Written by Emily Bayne

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Published: 01/20/2021, edited: 10/26/2022


New to Wag! boarding services? Are you thinking of joining the Wag! platform as a Pet Caregiver? This article is for you. 

This checklist consists of tips and helpful advice to help you and your clients prepare for your dog boarding appointment and make sure your sleepover goes off without a hitch.

The meet-and-greet

You always want to preface your boarding appointment with a meet and greet. This allows you to become acquainted with the dog and for the client to become acquainted with you. The meet-and-greet allows both parties to address any questions or concerns.

Remember, this the client's first impression of you, and you want to make it a good one! So be polite, professional, and forthcoming. If your client is happy with your services, they'll come back again and again. 

So what questions should you be asking? What is your role in the meet-and-greet? Below is a meet-and-greet checklist to help you hit the essential talking points to ensure all goes smoothly. 

Capitalize on your experiences

After introductions, start by telling them about yourself:

  • How long have you been a dog boarder?
  • Have you ever been a pet parent? If so, what kinds of pet(s) have you cared for?
  • What does a typical pet boarding appointment look like for you?

Discuss any people or pets that live in your household, whether you have a fenced-in backyard, and experiences you've had while boarding. These are things they'll want to know. Answering these questions before they have a chance to ask them will reassure your client that their pet is in good hands. 

Show interest in their pet

After sharing some things about yourself, interact with the dog as you ask the parents some questions:

  • What's Fido's age and breed?
  • Where did you get such a cute doggo?

These questions will help make the parents more comfortable. After all., who doesn't like talking about their pet?

Meet-and-greet checklist

Print off this checklist so you'll have it for future dog boarding endeavors.

General questions

  • Have you ever used Wag! Overnight Care before? If so, what was your experience like?

  • Are you familiar with the Wag! chat feature? If not, would you like for me to show you how to use it?

  • Do you have alternative contact information where I can reach you?

  • Will your dog need transportation?

Boarding and socialization questions

  • Have you ever boarded Fido before?

  • How does Fido interact with other pets?

  • What about with other people and kids?

  • Is¬† Fido dog-reactive?

  • Is Fido possessive over food or toys?

  • Will you provide Fido's dog food?

Health questions

  • Does Fido have any illnesses I should be aware of? What about food or environmental¬†allergies?

  • Does Fido take daily or emergency medications? If so, how often?

  • What about over-the-counter meds?

  • Is Fido spayed or neutered?

  • What is the contact information for your normal vet?

  • Is Fido microchipped?

  • Is Fido current on their shots?

  • Is Fido on flea and tick meds? What kind?

  • Is Fido house-broken? What about accidents?

Behavioral questions

  • Is your dog prone to escape attempts?

  • Does your dog have destructive tendencies?

  • Does your dog have separation anxiety?

  • What comforts Fido when they are having separation anxiety?

  • Will your dog walk on a leash?

  • Does your dog have reliable recall?

  • How do you reward Fido?

Daily routine questions

  • What kind of food does your dog eat? How much and how often?

  • How many walks does your dog take a day?

  • What times of the day does your dog usually go potty?

  • Where does Fido like to nap?

  • Do you allow Fido to have treats? If so, how many and how often?

With these questions, you'll get a feel for the dog's personality and know how to better care for them. Being prepared for dog sitting is half the battle ‚ÄĒ hanging out with cute doggies is the easy part.

Sure, first impressions are always a tad uncomfortable, but following this guideline will help you prepare for your sitting appointment and help you create a gameplan should an issue arise.

With thoughtful planning, you'll make the best impression, "pawssible". You might even acquire a loyal customer and set into motion many future boarding appointments! 

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Crystal Wright


Hi I'm going on a trip to Hawaii next month and planning on boarding my 4 year old German Shepard for the first time. I'm extremely nervous for the meet and greet because I'm not sure how it will go. He's great with humans but iffy with dogs. Advice?

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