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Before & After Grooming Pics That Will Make Your Week


Here’s a little pick-me-up as you head into your week. An adorable new series of dog portraits by pet photographer, Grace Chon, titled Hairy, features some of the most darling before and after grooming shots ever captured. These shaggy pups are transformed into uber-stylish versions of themselves and look like they know it!
Herman, groomed by Cindy Reyes
Yuki, groomed by Alyson Ogimachi
Athena, groomed by Donna Owens
Raider, groomed by Koko Fukaya
Rocco, groomed by Patricia Sugihara
Lana, groomed by Koko Fukaya
Biggie Smalls, groomed by Cameron Adkins
Nala, groomed by Alyson Ogimachi
Teddy, groomed by Donna Owens
To see more of Chon’s playful work, be sure to visit her website and follow her on Instagram.

All photographs by Grace Chon and used with permission.

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