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10 Popular Male and Female Cat Names For 2020


Published: 10/9/2020

There is no denying that pets make us happier people. Bringing a cat home, for instance, is a pretty special occasion. 

Bringing your newly acquired cat home to a soft bed laden with toys, and introducing them to pets and people already in the house is the easy part. But naming them can be a challenge! Bestowing a title fitting to your new feline is an important task. Choosing a name that ticks all the boxes and suits your new cat to a T deserves a little thought.

A name that reflects your interests is a great way to start: 

Are you a lover of travel? Choose a moniker like Maya to remember your last trip to Riviera Maya. 

How about your favorite movie? Giselle, after the main character in Enchanted is a great choice. 

Fans of country music may want to name their cuddly kitty Tim, after Tim McGraw. 

Is rock n’ roll more your style? Choose Hendrix, after the guitarist from the 60s.

The color of your kitty can give you a head start. An orange cat will wear the name Ginger well, and a black cat always suits Midnight.

The possibilities are endless, really, and sometimes our cats grow into the names we give them. As long as they have a nice ring to them and the name was chosen in love, you can’t go wrong.

Wag! adores cats, and we’ve compiled a list of top names for you to consider. These are popular male and female cat names for 2020. Get your inspiration here, and have fun!

Popular Male Names for 2020


The world was stunned in 2020 by the loss of Kobe Bryant. Name your cool cat Kobe and honor this basketball great at the same time. This name suits the sleek Burmese.


This is a good name for the Devon Rex. Everyone loves a prince, and with Harry and Meghan in the news so much this year, this name makes perfect sense.


Of course, Harry’s baby boy’s name is a big hit this year, too. Archie is a catchy name that suits a cat always on the go. Own a Manx? Call him Archie!

4. MAX

Max never goes out of style and is one of the top names for male cats in 2020. Picture your sleek Bombay wearing this title with pride.


A stately cat with a commanding stance and personality fits the name Oliver well. And who can resist Ollie as a nickname for a Ragamuffin?


This cute moniker often makes the list of top names. And with 2020 being a year where everyone needs a hero, Hercules is just the ticket for the Maine Coon Cat.

7. LEO

Another hero, of the jungle at least, is Leo. Do you have a striped orange Exotic who looks like a lion? Name him Leo, of course!


Where would the world be in 2020 without Zoom? Basically, the top tool for communication in the pandemic, this name fits the energetic Abyssinian.


Calling your male cat Tuxedo means you are going with a timeless and classic moniker that is always a win. It’s the cat’s meow for the British Shorthair.


Everyone knows a Tigger, right? That’s because this iconic name brings back wonderful memories to those who loved Winnie the Pooh as a kid. And all American Bobtails love to bounce! 

Popular Female Names for 2020


Ruth Bader Ginsburg was much-respected in the country’s high court and a true heroine to women with big aspirations. The Ocicat is a social feline, and Ruth is very fitting!


When Harry met Meghan… Many female cats worldwide sport the moniker Meghan. Why not make it another? The sweet Scottish Fold deserves this name.


Do you own the breed Russian Blue? In keeping with dreams come true, princesses, and all things royal, Charlotte is another title popular in 2020.


Chloe is a beloved name worldwide and consistently is found on the roster of top names yearly - 2020 is no different! The rare and outstanding longhaired Siberian makes the perfect Chloe.


The vocal and loving Tonkinese is the model cat to wear the name Lily. Like Chloe, Lily is a contender for best moniker just about every year. And if your cat is the elegant and charming type, you can lengthen it to Lilibeth!


Do you have a Turkish Angora who thinks she’s a goddess? This name, from the Roman goddess representative of the moon and its beauty, is just the fit for a cat who knows she’s divine.


Another name indicative of the stars above is the purrfect name for a cat of many colors. Gift your Bengal with the name Umbra.


This Greek name means wisdom and is much needed for people in the almost unreal year of 2020. Have a Siamese with a wise and soulful look? Sophie is the name to go with. 


Although the Twilight craze has come and gone, Bella continually makes its mark on the top pet names roster year after year. It’s great for the active Cornish Rex!

10. NALA

Looking for a name for your Sphynx? Move over king of the jungle, the queen-to-be is here. Disney-inspired and always on the list of adored and treasured names, Nala is here to stay! 

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