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Serena — A Los Angeles Dog Walker's Story

Profile of dog walker Serena

“Hang out with dogs, exercise, and earn some money along the way,” said Serena. “Honestly, what more could anybody want?”

Serena is a college student and a walker with Wag!, and she’s wrapping up a summer walking dogs in and around the beach communities south of Los Angeles. 

A veterinary assistant and walker with Wag!

Serena started walking with Wag! more than a year ago, deciding to give it a try during her summer break from the University of Southern California. She heard about the company through her part-time work as a veterinary assistant.

“I already knew that I ultimately wanted to work with dogs,” Serena said, “and Wag! allowed me the opportunity to do just that.”

Summers full of dogs and fun

As a college student, Serena has to balance dog walking with her studies, so she walks part-time during the school year, making it a point to walk dogs whenever she has some free time. She said she couldn’t imagine not seeing dogs during the school year. 

“At the end of the school year, I go from working part-time to full-time,” Serena said, “giving me a summer full of dogs and fun.”

Serena walks dogs in what’s known as the South Bay, which includes the cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, and El Segundo. 

A beautiful place to walk dogs

Serena says the South Bay is not only very scenic but it also gives her the best of both worlds when it comes to walking dogs.

“You can choose to walk by the beach or on a wood-chip path,” Serena said, “Each offers a different feel, but both provide a straight and narrow path that’s beautiful and easy to walk along. "

“The South Bay is beautiful, and I am so lucky that I get to work in some of the most picturesque of places! Here I am, walking a dog, and visitors from all over are taking pictures of the surroundings, which just happen to be my hometown. I couldn’t be luckier.”

Serena’s buddy, Bear

Serena said she wants to know all of the dogs in the South Bay. One of them is Bear.

“Over the past year, I’ve become best friends with my next-door neighbor Bear,” said Serena. “He’s a huge Frenchie — hence the name Bear — who never fails to put a smile on my face."

“Things I know about Bear include that he hates anything with wheels, knows precisely which shops around town give out treats, even though he’s not supposed to have any, and he’s just a stubborn, funny guy. 

“Whenever I see Bear when I’m not working, he always recognizes me and wants to say hello. “This is just part of what makes me love what I do.”

What’s ahead? More dogs!

As a college student, it’s only natural for Serena to be thinking about her future, which will include dogs, of course.

“Once I graduate I plan on pursuing pet care full time,” Serena said. “I know that this is the kind of work I am going to be doing forever!”

Dog walker posing with her pup clients on a dog walk

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