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Specialty Services on Wag! - A Guide for Pet Parents



The special pet in your life needs extra-special care, and now you can give them exactly that with Specialty Services. A new addition to the Wag! app, Specialty Services are pawfect if you’re searching for a Pet Caregiver to go the extra mile for your fur-family. 

Maybe your four-legged adventure seeker would love to go for a hike or go swimming? If they’ve been rolling in all manner of nasty-smelling things, perhaps you’d like the Pet Caregiver to treat them to a bath? Or if your pup is a poser, maybe you’d like to get them all glammed up for a pet photography session?

With Specialty Services, you can give your pet the care they need. Keep reading to find out what services are available, and how to book Specialty Services in the Wag! app.

What Specialty Services are available on Wag!?

There are now lots of extra ways you can treat your dog with Wag!. Specialty Services you can book include grooming, outdoor excursions, and more. Here’s what’s on offer.


If your dog is a water baby, you can book a Pet Caregiver to take them swimming. Not only is it a great form of low-impact exercise, but it’s also grrreat fun for energetic dogs.

Wag! strongly recommends that Pet Caregivers bring suitable safety gear for aquatic adventures, such as a short leash and a dog life vest. 


Sometimes a boring old walk won’t cut it for your dog. If your dog has energy to burn, or if they just love spending time exploring the great outdoors, book a hike in the woods with a 5-star Pet Caregiver.

Wag! strongly recommends that Pet Caregivers keep dogs on a leash at all times when hiking. 


If you really want to raise your pet’s heart rate, search for a Pet Caregiver that offers running as one of their Specialty Services. It’s the pawfect way to make sure your dog is tired and happy at the end of the day. 

Complete grooming

Get your dog pampered from head to tail to ensure that they look, feel (and smell) their best. From nail trimming and ear cleaning to brushing, grooming is essential for a healthy dog. Best of all, you can customize your grooming booking to suit your dog’s needs.

Bath time

Is your pup in need of a wash? Let an experienced Pet Caregiver take on the wet and messy job of giving your dog a bath!

Pet photography

Do you want to capture some precious memories of your pets? Maybe you’ve never been able to get that “pawfect” photo because your dog just refuses to sit still for the camera? Find a Pet Caregiver that offers pet photography sessions as a Specialty Service so your fur-baby can strut their stuff for the camera.

What’s so grrreat about Specialty Services on Wag!?

Specialty Services let you customize care for your pets in more ways than one. For example, if you have a high-energy breed that would benefit from more than a walk, book them a hike and a bath afterward if they get muddy. Or if your energetic pup won’t stay still for the camera, book them a run to tire them out, followed by a pet photography session where they’ll be much more likely to sit and stay.

But that’s not all. Pet Caregivers are given the freedom to choose the type of service they offer, as well as its location, duration, and other details, like whether transportation is included. For example, one Pet Caregiver might offer a 2-hour hike at Runyon Canyon, while another might offer a 1-hour swim at Venice Beach.

It’s a unique take on pet care, and it allows you to treat your pets to fun and memorable experiences whenever you want.

How much do Wag! Specialty Services cost?

It depends on the Pet Caregiver. Pet Caregivers set their own custom prices for each Specialty Service they offer, and there’s no fixed price range. You can view prices before making a booking, so it’s worth comparing a range of options to find the right person for the job.

You can also use Wag! Credits to pay for Specialty Services.

How do I book Specialty Services on Wag!?

Booking a Specialty Service is just as easy as booking a Walk on the Wag! app. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the Wag! app.

  2. From the home screen, tap “Specialties.”

  3. Select the type of Specialty Service you’d like to book. Your options are Grooming, Miscellaneous, or Excursion.

  4. Browse Pet Caregivers near you that offer Specialty Services. Check out their rates and services, learn more about their pet care experience, and read reviews from other Pet Parents.

  5. When you’ve found the right Pet Caregiver, select the service you want to book.

  6. Select the date and time you want to book the service.

  7. Specify how the Pet Caregiver will access your home.

  8. Add any special requests or instructions for the Pet Caregiver, such as, “Please brush out any tangles in his coat,” or, “She loves being given a chance to stop and sniff as much as possible on hikes.”

  9. Add any extras you want to book. For example, if you’re booking grooming, you might want to add teeth brushing or an anal gland expression for your pup.

  10. Review the details and finalize your booking.

Keep in mind that not all Pet Caregivers offer Specialty Services, so you may not be able to book your fur-baby’s favorite Pet Caregiver. 

Also, unless you're a Wag! Premium subscriber or a Pet Caregiver has completed a service and messaged you within the last 5 days, you won’t be able to message the Pet Caregiver before a service is confirmed and booked. That’s why it’s important to leave short and precise notes for the Pet Caregiver before booking, especially if your pet has any special care requirements.

Are Specialty Services the same as Service Add-ons?

No, Specialty Services and Service Add-ons are 2 separate things. 

Service Add-ons are small extras you can add to a Walk, Drop-In, Sitting, Boarding, Training, or Grooming service — all you have to do is select the add-ons you want when making a booking. 

For example, if you make a Sitting or Boarding booking for your dog, you might also want to include an excursion such as a hike or swim to help make their time away from you a little more enjoyable. Or if you’re booking a Drop-In visit for your pet, you might want to request that the Pet Caregiver administers their medication so you can stick to the schedule prescribed by your veterinarian. It’s all about making sure your pup gets the best possible care when you’re not around.

Specialty Services, on the other hand, are standalone offerings that are available via direct bookings with local Pet Caregivers. They make it easy to put a smile on your pet's face and a wag in their tail, ensuring that they get 5-star care when you’re not around.

If your fur-family deserves something extra special, download the Wag! app to discover Pet Caregivers offering Specialties near you!

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