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Starving Dog is Rescued and Taken Out to LA Restaurants


When Ivy Diep found Popeye in 2014, he was matted, homeless, starving and wandering the streets of LA. She decided to take the pup home where he immediately hit it off with her husband and other pups. Since then, he's been accompanying Ivy on "Instagram dates"‚Äďoutings where she and a friend explore different restaurants around LA.¬†"I would bring Popeye to¬†any of the pet-friendly places, and we realized how good he was around food," she told¬†ABC News.¬†"He would sit still for photos." She created an Instagram account to document his foodie adventures,¬†dressing him up in adorably themed costumes to highlight his environment.¬†The 3 year old pooch has become a¬†not-so-surprising hit, drooling over plates of sushi, tasty burgers and Krispy Kreme donuts. Quite the reversal of fortune for little Popeye!

Check out more of Popeye's adventures here: Popeye the Foodie Dog


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