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Thank You, Pet Caregivers!


Updated: 7/6/2021

We’re thankful every day for the pet caregivers who choose to provide services on the Wag! platform. These independent contractors work in their local communities across the country, providing much-needed services for pet parents and taking care of thousands and thousands of dogs on a daily basis. 

Given the Thanksgiving season, we thought it would be great to hear from some of the pet parents about why they’re thankful for their pet caregivers. Here’s some of what we heard.

Dria, pet parent of Hudson: “I was very thankful for this last walker I had because he was careful with my dog Hudson who’s a rescue puppy and gets anxious around new people. He cleaned up Hudson’s anxious accident and gave me lots of photos/video of the walk which I appreciated. Due to my busy work schedule, I rely heavily on walkers with Wag! They go above and beyond to make sure Hudson is taken care of and walked properly.”

Ali, pet parent of Charlie & Mac: “Heidi has been especially fantastic and always goes above and beyond for us. When I have been out of town and she helps out, she always makes sure Charlie and Mac have the treats and toys they need to be entertained when she leaves. She always includes videos and great photos of them during their walks, she is great with communication, and I know they will be in great hands with her every time. We’re grateful to have her as our preferred walker.”

Dog clients Charlie, Mac, and Hudson who can count on vetted, local Wag! Walkers on the app to walk them for enjoyable walks throughout the weekday.

Holly, pet parent of Luna:
 “We use Wag! during the workweek for our dog Luna! We are thankful for each and every one of you who walk our pup for an hour Monday through Friday. Knowing our pup is in good hands makes the workweek a little less stressful!”

Aria, pet parent of Carmela:
 “I’m thankful for all my walkers, who always take great care of Carmela. Whether she feels like walking or just wants some cuddles at home, they always make me feel like my pup is in great hands.”

Dog clients Luna and Carmela who have Wag! Walkers who use the Wag! app around the block to give them their pats and dog walks when they want one

Kristy, pet parent of Risley:
 “We've been using Wag! for many months now and we have one walker who has walked Risley 38 times, and we absolutely love her.”

Erin, pet parent of Sam, Zella, and Pebbles:
"I absolutely love the quickness that walkers have with picking up walks and saving the pups' day! My pups have found some amazing, consistent walkers, as well, who communicate any questions they have, such as whether they need dinner or not. Thank you!"

Beloved dog clients Sam, Zella, Pebbles, and Risley who have been using Wag! dog walking services the past several years

Emily, pet parent of Deuce:
 “I’ve been so grateful for all of the walkers I’ve had with Wag! Today, my walker came within 30 minutes’ notice and took the time to care for my pup when I couldn’t make it home. I got detailed notes of the walk, and she gave my dog the attention she needed!”

Mara, pet parent of Lucy:
“My partner, my pup, and I were about to drive 4 hours for an event. Thanks to our walker that we booked an hour before we left, Lucy slept the whole car ride.”

Dog clients Lucy and Deuce who got lucky dog walks by vetted local Wag! Walkers who use the Wag! app

Letty, pet parent of Audie and Bear:
 “Submitted in grateful recognition of our walkers who show up when we’re unable to. The pups are not stressed after a long day, and we are happy to know that they’ve had the care and opportunity to stretch their legs and relieve themselves when work and special events call us elsewhere. Thanks for all you do, and for being available for our four-legged pals.”

Katrina, pet parent of Enzo: “I was thankful for my walker Becka, when my neighbor called me and said her German Shepherd got out and charged at my Boston Terrier, Enzo, but Becka scooped Enzo up so fast before the shepherd could attack. We were all thankful for her quick response. No one was harmed and we're forever grateful.”

Dog clients Audie, Bear, and Enzo resting after a great dog walking service around the neighborhood by vetted local Wag! Walkers on the app

Alejandro, pet parent of Keesha:
 “I love it when the walkers send me photos and spend time with my puppy.”

Donelle, pet parent of Draco, speaking for Draco: "I’m thankful for my Wag walkers because when my mom works long hours and can’t take me on my daily walks, they always step in with the best walks filled with lots of rubs and fun to keep me happy until mom is back again 🐶"

Dog clients Keesha and Draco who have benefited from pats and daily dog walks from vetted local dog walkers who use the Wag! Walker app

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