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Checklist for Professional Pet Sitters: What to Bring to Your Next Appointment



Looking to become the "ultimutt" dog sitter? There's plenty for pet sitters to remember to ensure their next appointment goes as smoothly as possible. Before jumping into your next session, consider bringing along these sitting essentials so you and your canine client have the "pawfect" experience!


One item you'll find in every pet sitter's backpack is a stash of tasty treats, because they're a great way to bond and manage the pet's behavior during a sitting service. Before giving your new BFF a tasty morsel, ask your client if it's okay to give their pet treats — some pets may have allergies or dietary restrictions.

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Doggy waste bags

Whether walking a woofer or dog sitting a fur-baby, it's always worth bringing along a few doggy bags. While most pet parents have a decent stock of poop bags, there's a chance they'll forget to restock or you'll run out during your sleepover with Snoopy. So, grab some extras to keep the pet parents' house and yard squeaky clean during your sitting session.

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Comfort items

Sleeping in someone else's home can be tough at times, so consider bringing along a pillow, blanket, or other comfort items from home so you can sleep a little sounder. Just make sure you bring something you don't mind getting dirty in case your new canine compadre wants to cuddle!

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Suitable clothing

Dress professionally and sensibly for your next sitting appointment. You'll want to impress your new client while also dressing appropriately for playtime and walkies with Fido. Sensible tennis shoes, long pants, and a jacket with plenty of pockets will go a long way to ensuring you're dressed for a successful sitting session.


Bringing along toys is a no-brainer — they'll keep your new furry friend busy and help take their mind off their pet parents' departure. Before bringing along a toy, speak with the pet parent to check what kind of toys their pup likes. You might also want to purchase a sturdy toy, especially if their fur-baby tends to quickly destroy dog balls and rope pulls.

a white silicone collapsible dog water bowl with the green wag! logo in the center

Collapsible water bowl

All pet parents will already have a household water bowl ready for Bella. However, you may want to bring along a portable water bowl in case you're planning an outdoor adventure with your new four-legged friend. This way, you can keep your canine client hydrated while enjoying your stroll. Pro tip: The Wag! Essentials Store offers affordable collapsible dog bowls that include a handy clip so you can easily take it on the go!

An extra leash

Go the extra mile and bring along an additional leash to your next sitting appointment. A dog sitter's nightmare is for a leash to snap in the middle of a stroll, allowing your puppy partner to wander off. Bringing along an extra leash means you can quickly swap out the broken leash and avoid any unnecessary stress.

Pet care plan

Most clients will leave behind a list of detailed pet care instructions for their sitter — but it never hurts to ask questions to ensure you have all the info you need.

Your client's pet care plan should include info about:

  • Feeding times
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Behavior (including triggers)
  • Exercise requirements and restrictions
  • Home access (including gate or lockbox codes)
  • Housekeeping requirements (like watering the plants or getting the mail)

If you're completing a pet sitting service through the Wag! app, you can view the pet's care plan right from the booking. If the Pet Parent didn't leave any notes, or if you have a question about something, send a message using the in-app chat feature.

To see an example of a "furrific" pet parent questionnaire, check out our guide on being a well-prepared dog sitter.

First aid kit

If the pup you're caring for happens to get a small scrape that isn't serious enough for a vet visit, it's always worth having a doggy first aid kit handy. Gauze, adhesive tape, cotton swabs, tweezers, and vet contact information are great things to pack in a first aid kit. If you plan on bringing any oral medication with you, ensure you contact a vet and the dog's pet parent to confirm it's safe to administer.

Love and patience

The most important thing any dog sitter can bring is love and patience. From Shih Tzus to Shetlands, there's a wide range of dog breeds with different personalities that will keep you on your toes. Plenty of love and lots of patience will go a long way to making you one of the best dog sitters on your neighborhood block, as you'll be able to show pet parents you have a real passion for caring for pups.

Need some new swag for your sitting biz? Head over to the Wag! Essentials Store for collapsible bowls, poop bag holders, and other useful items for dog sitters!

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