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Traci — A San Diego Walker’s Story


Updated: 7/6/2021

Vetted dog walker, Traci's profile page says she provides 5 stars dog walking service on the Wag! Walker app

Traci loves the great outdoors and dogs, so the opportunity to walk dogs on the Wag! platform couldn’t have been more perfect for her. The San Diego walker started on the Wag! platform about two years ago. Now, she’s well on her way to completing 600 walks and has a near-perfect 4.99 rating from pet parents.

“I love all the relationships with my dogs and their people,” said Traci. “I look forward to the greetings I get every time I start a walk — not to mention the solid relationships I’ve formed with the pet parents.”

Trust is what the relationships are all about

Traci knows that trust is key to her relationships with the pet parents whose dogs she walks. And she’s dedicated to maintaining it once she has it.

“Trust is a big commitment and once I earn it, I keep it,” said Traci. “I will arrange my schedule to accommodate walks for my regular dogs and their pet parents’ schedules.”

A favorite story from her dog walks with Wag!

Ask her about a favorite Wag! story, and Traci says it’s nearly impossible to come up with just one. But she managed to do so:

“I do build special relationships with my dogs and their people,” Traci said. “Howie is one dog I’ve come to adore, and the same applies to his pet parent. Howie didn’t welcome walkers he didn’t know, but I eventually warmed him over, so much so that he wouldn’t go near other walkers.”

“I became a preferred walker for Howie, and his pet parent has become a close friend of mine. A win, win situation!”

With so many walks under her belt, Traci takes care of all kinds of dogs — young, old and in-between. In the cases of the younger and older ones, she’s often asked to visit and simply sit in the house or play in the backyard with them. Pet parents want different things based on their pups’ needs and Traci does her best to comply.

Walking amazing pups in an amazing city

Traci also has the benefit of living and walking in San Diego, where the weather is usually perfect for her and the pups she walks. 

“I love to walk through all the neighborhoods,” said Traci. “I live in a family community with a lot of parks, schools, and grassy areas. People are always milling about and that’s no surprise. This city is beautiful and friendly all over the place.”

If you’re a pet parent in San Diego, perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to have Traci walk your pup. If you live elsewhere, that’s okay. We have amazing walkers like Traci on the Wag! platform throughout the country — in 43 states and more than 110 cities. And if you’d like to join Traci as a walker with Wag!, you should start the application process!

Dog walker, Traci walking with her Golden Retriever dog

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