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Wag! and Kimpton pawtner to provide pet parents and their pets with the ulti-mutt vacation


As well-traveled pet parents are painfully aware, most hotels that claim to be pet-friendly are usually anything but. Hidden fees, breed restrictions, pages of pet rules — these are just a few obstacles you might face when planning a trip with your animal amigos.

Fortunately, you and your woofer won’t have to worry about red tape when you stay at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, where pets are pampered, not just tolerated. Furry, feathered, scaly — pets of all shapes, sizes, and species are welcome at Kimpton Hotels! As long as your travel companions can fit through the front door, they’re welcome to catch some Zzz’s with you in one of Kimpton’s luxe rooms.

Wag! is super excited to team up with Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants to offer on-site pet care services to Kimpton guests, as well as other nifty perks. Read on to learn how you can win FREE Wag! services with Kimpton x Wag!, plus a few reasons why Kimpton is the pet-friendliest hotel chain in the country.

Free Walk or Drop-In service with Kimpton x Wag!

To kick off our new partnership, Kimptonx Wag! is giving away 1,000 free 20-minute Wag! services, including Walks and Drop-Ins, to pet parents staying at Kimpton’s 65+ participating properties in the US.

When you head out of your Kimpton hotel room to explore local attractions that don’t permit pets, you can rest easy knowing your pets are in good paws with a local Pet Caregiver. (Without you having to spend a dime!)

“We understand how hard it is to leave pets behind, so we are thrilled that this partnership with Wag! will take some of the stress off our guests.”

Here’s how to redeem your free 20-minute service (available while supplies last):

  • Book your pet-friendly stay at a participating Kimpton property.

  • Reach out to @Kimpton on Twitter or Instagram to receive your custom, one-time discount code.

If you have questions, speak with a staff member at the front desk of your Kimpton location.

Redeem your free month of Wag! Premium with Kimpton x Wag!

We’re also throwing in an extra perk: a free month of Wag! Premium with every stay at a Kimpton. With Wag! Premium, pet parents get access to 24/7 vet chat, discounts on Wag! services, waived booking fees, and more!

To redeem your free month of Wag! Premium, just book your stay at a participating Kimpton and ask the front desk for your complementary Wag! Premium subscription code, then enter it in the Wag! app.

Perhaps Fido’s favorite part of the Kimpton x Wag! partnership is this swanky bathrobe just for dogs! Grab yours at www.kimptonstyle.com for a “furbulous” spa-day selfie with Sparky.
Mallow the Frenchie wearing a Kimpton x Wag! robe pictured with his mom at Kimpton EPIC in Miami, FL

Why stay at Kimpton Hotels with your pets?

As we’ve already mentioned, pets aren’t just welcome at Kimpton — they’re waited on hand and paw!

Forgot to pack something in your doggy bag? No problem! Kimpton supplies complimentary comforts including toys, treats, water bowls, pet bedding, and pretty much everything else you and Coco need for a cozy stay.

No need to spend hours researching pet-friendly amenities and attractions at your destination, either. When you check in, you’ll receive a list of pet-friendly parks, restaurants, groomers, shops, and more in the area.

Kimpton’s open-door pet policy has been in place since day 1. The company’s founder, Bill Kimpton, was a devoted dog dad with his very own four-legged personal assistant! His Miniature Collie — who he christened Chianti after his favorite adult beverage — earned her supper greeting guests in the lobby of the first Kimpton hotel. Talk about a warm welcome!

Kimpton kept the tradition alive by creating a new job title: Director of Pet Relations. At select Kimpton locations, these four-legged staff members greet guests and ensure all pet amenities are in working order. The Director of Pet Relations at Kimpton’s La Peer Hotel in Los Angeles is a rescue pup named Chandler — check him out on Insta!

What are you waiting for? Book your stay at Kimpton today and get ready to make some “unfurgettable” memories!

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