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Wag! Joins Forces with GreaterGood to Support FidoFoster.org Launch


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Published: 08/18/2020, edited: 08/18/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses all over the world to adapt, and Wag! was no exception. To protect the Pet Caregivers and Pet Parents on our platform, we acted fast to implement socially-distanced services. In March, we launched Wag! Now, providing transport for vet care and supplies to pet parents unable to leave their homes.

We also teamed up with our long-time partner, GreaterGood.org, to support the #stayhomeandfoster initiative. This emergency response to COVID-19 helped save pets facing euthanasia as shelters closed their doors. Wag! Now delivered foster pets and supplies to good samaritans fostering through GreaterGood.

The #stayhomeandfoster movement was wildly successful. Over 90,000 pet parents opened their homes to pets in need! We’re grateful for the outpouring of support — but we know this important work won’t end after the pandemic subsides. That’s why we joined forces with GreaterGood to support the launch of FidoFoster.org.

What is FidoFoster.org?

The FidoFoster network connects and supports fosters, adopters, and shelters with the resources they need to care for vulnerable pets. FidoFoster’s mission is two-fold. The platform connects fosters to shelters, making it easier than ever to welcome a woofer into your home and heart. Those keen to lend a helping paw can sign up to become an emergency foster. Shelters can easily find fosters in their area.

FidoFoster is also a trusted resource for fosters and shelters alike. Read heartwarming success stories and learn everything you need to know about fostering a pet. Shelters will also find tips on promoting adoptable pets on social media, improving their quality of life through fun DIY projects, and more. Check out FidoFoster’s curated collection of resources from industry experts.

Walk and Wag! Photo Contest

To kick off the launch, we’re hosting the Walk and Wag Photo Contest. We invite foster parents to snap photos of their fur-babies living their best foster life. Feel free to get creative for a chance to win an assortment of puptastic prizes! GreaterGood’s Olivia Munn has the exciting yet difficult job of judging the entries and choosing the winners.

Is your bashful buddy a little camera-shy? Learn a thing or two from photographer Seth Casteel to get Rufus ready for their photoshoot!

How does FidoFoster.org work?

Saving furry lives is FidoFoster’s top priority, but its vision to radically transform the shelter system is even more ambitious. FidoFoster wants to help create a world where most adoptable pets live in safe, comfortable homes, instead of being warehoused in shelters. 

Shelters can be stressful environments for pets. And while fostering is a temporary solution, it’s also a critical one. FidoFoster strives to make fostering more accessible and ease the burden of rehoming at-risk pets.

FidoFoster is teaming up with some household names in animal care to make that happen. Animal Planet’s on-air dog trainer Andrea Arden shares her expertise to make training a walk in the dog park for new fosters. Animal photographer Seth Casteel provides tips on taking professional pet pics that fetch likes, shares, and comments. Veterinarian Dr. Sarah Dodd offers advice on everything from nutrition to routine care. These resources combine to form a complete care package for new fosters and adopters.

Other ways you can support FidoFoster.org

Can’t foster or adopt? Here are a few other ways to show your support:

  • Donate. Every penny helps the fight to save four-legged lives!

  • Spread the word. Share foster photos on social media, or check out FidoFoster’s ready-made social kits. Who knows? You just might help a pooch in need find their forever home!

  • Stay updated. Follow #FidoFoster on your social channels to stay updated on the movement.

Wag! is proud to partner with GreaterGood.org on this important initiative. We’ve worked with GreaterGood since 2017 to donate more than 5 million meals (and counting!) to shelter dogs. Visit FidoFoster.org to discover how GreaterGood is saving lives, one foster pup at a time.

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