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Which Pet Care Service Should I Book?


Written by Aurus Sy

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Published: 02/16/2023, edited: 02/16/2023


The global pet industry has skyrocketed over the last few years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. In 2021, $123.6 billion was spent on companion animals in the US alone. In other words, our pets are pampered!

While food and treats make up the largest portion of pet parents’ expenses, people are also spending money on pet care services. Wag!, which started out as an on-demand dog walking platform, now offers a range of services for your furry, feathered, and scaly family members that covers everything from overnight care to teaching manners. If you’re new to booking on-demand pet care with Wag! and aren’t sure which service is right for your pet, read on!

pet caregiver taking a Golden Retriever for a dog walk

Dog walking

Dog walking is a grrreat way to ensure your pup gets the exercise they need when you’re busy with school or work, working late hours, stuck in traffic, or suddenly in an unexpected situation that prevents you from getting home. Available in thousands of cities across all 50 states, walks can be booked in advance or on demand, so your furbaby doesn’t have to keep waiting if you can’t make it on time. Most experts agree that adult dogs shouldn’t be left alone for more than 8 hours, and regular walks help keep separation anxiety and destructive behaviors such as chewing and scratching at bay.

You can book a one-time walk for 20, 30, or 60 minutes, or a recurring service where your pup gets walked on the same day and time each week. Recurring walks are ideal for dogs who love routine, puppies or seniors who need to go out more often, and high-energy canines who require more than two walks per day. Mid-day walks are also great for breaking up the monotony of your furkiddo's day at home. Regardless of type, all walks are GPS-tracked and come with photo and video updates so you can follow along in real time. 

This service is pawfect for:

  • Pet parents who work full-time
  • Pet parents who are unable to get home on time
  • High-energy dogs
  • Dogs who thrive on routine; puppies or seniors who need additional potty breaks
  • Dogs with separation anxiety
  • Overweight dogs
  • Injured pet parents

What to consider (when booking): Don’t furget to supply waste baggies for a walk; let your Pet Caregiver know if your dog pulls; inform your Pet Caregiver of your dog's quirks, if any (e.g., has preferred sidewalks, won’t walk on wet grass, etc.)

Average Price to Book: 

  • 20-minute Walk can range between $12.75 - $19.99
  • 30-minute Walk can range between $17 - $26.99
  • 60-minute Walk can range between $25.50 - $36.99

pet caregiver playing with a dog during a drop-in visit

Drop-in visits

If you have a low-energy or older dog who doesn’t require a full walk, then a Drop-In may be a better option. Drop-Ins are 20-, 30-, or 60-minute services where a Pet Caregiver goes to your home to check in on your dog and perhaps take them for a potty break. This service is also purrfect for cats and other pets such as birds, fish, small mammals, and non-poisonous amphibians and reptiles—basically any pet who needs care and attention during the day.

Like walks, Drop-Ins can be booked on demand, in advance, or on a recurring basis. You can set your expectations of the service ahead of time in the Notes, or directly to your Pet Caregiver via the in-app chat. Additional requests can also include replenishing food or water, letting the pet out for a potty break, scooping the litter box, and some indoor playtime. And like walks, you will receive real-time updates from your Pet Caregiver so you can keep tabs on your little one even while you’re away from home.

This service is pawfect for: 

  • Pet parents who work long hours
  • Injured, senior, or low-energy dogs
  • Cats and other pets
  • Pets who need medication or food at a certain time
  • Younger or older dogs who need extra potty breaks
  • Cats and dogs who need companionship during the day
  • Pet parents who have to attend an event

What to consider (when booking): For dogs who need additional or more strenuous exercise, consider booking a walk instead. 

Average Price to Book: 

  • 20-minute Drop-In is around $15 
  • 30-minute Drop-In is around $20
  • 60-minute Drop-In is around $30

pet caregiver pet sitting a dog at their home

Pet sitting

Heading out of town, but can’t take your furbaby with you? Or perhaps you want to avoid putting your pet through the stress of traveling. Whether you’re going away for the weekend or a few weeks, pet sitting is a great way to ensure your little one receives the care they need in a familiar environment. This service is a furrific alternative to traditional kennels and catteries, which may not be the best option for dogs and cats who don’t adjust well to new environments, can’t be kenneled, or have separation anxiety. It can also be more affordable if you have multiple companion animals.

A sitting is an Overnight Care service that takes place in your home. In addition to keeping your pet company, your Pet Caregiver will feed them, play with them, and let them out on bathroom breaks. You can also ask your sitter to spend the night or carry out other tasks such as medication administration and minor household tasks. Pet sitting is ideal for young’uns and seniors who need extra TLC, as well as pets who require medication through the evening. It’s also good for avoiding potential illnesses and parasites from other animals by keeping them out of kennels.

This service is pawfect for: 

  • Pet parents who are going somewhere that doesn’t allow pets
  • Cats and dogs who don’t travel well, get stressed easily, or don’t do well in unfamiliar environments
  • Households with multiple pets, or different types of pets
  • Pets who need medication or care through the evening
  • Pet parents who want their house to look lived in

What to consider (when booking): Be sure to communicate your expectations and provide clear instructions (e.g., mealtimes, any allergies, where the supplies are kept, etc.) so your pet can get the best care pawssible!

Average Price to Book: An overnight stay for one dog or cat can range from $39 - $59.

pet parent and dog meeting pet caregiver in their home for pet boarding

Pet boarding

Boarding is another Overnight Care service where your dog can stay in a comfortable home environment while you’re away. It’s similar to a sitting, except it takes place in the Pet Caregiver’s home. Think of it as a staycation for your pup! Like sitting, boarding is a great option for when you need to travel but are unable to take your pooch with you (e.g., destination is not dog-friendly, dog is not a good traveler, etc.). It’s also a good cage-free alternative to a traditional kennel.

Boarding is ideal for outgoing dogs who like people and other animals and who deal well with new situations. If your furkid has any special requirements, you can specify them in the Notes and communicate your expectations with your Pet Caregiver via the in-app chat. Many boarders on Wag! have experience caring for puppies, older dogs, disabled dogs, dogs who require medication, and dogs who need extra playtime. Pick-ups and drop-offs can also be requested for some boarders.

This service is pawfect for: 

  • Pet parents who are going somewhere that is not pet-friendly
  • Dogs who don’t travel well;
  • Dogs who adjust well to unfamiliar environments
  • Dogs who need one-on-one attention
  • Dogs who can’t be kenneled
  • Pet parents who don’t want strangers coming into their home

What to consider (when booking): Be sure to pack all the essentials, such as your dog’s food, any medicines or supplements, their collar and leash, and a couple of their favorite toys.

Average Price to Book: The cost of boarding one dog in a Pet Caregiver’s home can range from $48 - $69.

pet trainer working with a dog in their home

Pet training

Do you want your pooch to stop pulling on their leash? Or would you like your moggie to learn basic commands like sit and come? You can book one-on-one training sessions for your canine or feline companion through Wag!, regardless of their age or experience level. Plus, everything is done in the comfort of your own home! 

In-Home Training is a 60-minute in-person training service where your pet will learn how to follow commands, gain new skills, and/or correct unwanted behavior with the help of a local dog or cat trainer. With In-Home Training, the trainer works around your schedule and customizes each session according to your furry friend’s needs. It’s the best choice if you don’t have time to go out to training classes or have specific behavioral issues you’d like to address. Moreover, many dogs do better without the pressure or distraction of being in a strange place. In-Home Training is also purrfect for cats, who are often left out when it comes to training. 

While In-Home Training is only available in select locations, there’s a pawtastic alternative that everyone can access. Digital Training works similarly to In-Home Training, except that it’s done via video chat in the Wag! app. It’s a good option for dogs who are unable to attend group classes or pets who live in a remote area. Like In-Home Training, Digital Training eliminates distractions and helps your pet feel comfortable since they are in their own environment. Plus, there’s no need to straighten up your house before meeting with the trainer.

This service is pawfect for: 

  • Busy pet parents with pet training needs
  • Dogs or cats who are easily distracted
  • Dogs or cats with behavioral problems
  • Dogs and cats of all ages and experience levels

What to consider (when booking): Digital Training sessions are 30 minutes long and timed, so it’s recommended to coordinate the start time with your trainer and have all your items ready beforehand. For example, if the focus of the session is leash training, make sure you have a leash and some treats within reach!

Average Price to Book:

  • 60-minute In-Home Training session can range from $61 - $66
  • 30-minute Digital Training session can range from $27 - $33

Ready to book a pet care service through Wag!? Download the Wag! app on the App Store or Google Play!

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