Your Wag! Walks Help Shelter Dogs — Like Dennis!

As a partially blind seven-year old, Dennis wasn’t the most adoptable dog at his shelter. He spent his days watching other pups come and go as he remained, waiting. As this continued, the staff was convinced he was becoming depressed, so they reached out to some rescue organizations to see if they could help.

Enter Dogworks, a Toledo-based nonprofit. The folks at Dogworks were quick to respond and warmly welcomed Dennis, quickly identifying a foster family for him to go home with.

Your walks with Wag! help thousands of dog rescue organizations across the United States — like Dogworks — do their work. We donate a portion of our walk proceeds to’s Rescue Bank, which provides food to these rescue organizations. Not only does that feed shelter dogs, it also allows these nonprofits to spend money that would’ve gone toward food on other types of services, including veterinary care for their pups.

Now, Dennis spends his nights sleeping on a bed with his foster family, his days playing with his foster brother, and on Sundays, he curls up on the recliner to enjoy a game of football. Dennis now has very high spirits, and his happy-go-lucky self has come full circle since Dogworks intervened. Good dog, Dennis!

As a Dogworks spokesperson put it, the donations from’s Rescue Bank will help Dogworks continue our mission and allow us the opportunity to rescue more dogs like Dennis. 

Way to go, Dogworks — and!