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Wag! is the nation's fastest-growing network of pre-screened and insured dog walkers, sitters, and trainers. In less than 15 minutes you can book a nearby dog sitter, daycare provider, or dog walker, who'll take complete care of your loved one - at their place or yours.

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“Home is where your pet runs to greet you <3”

Ive been an animal lover since I was young & dogs have always been a big part of my life. I adopted a few dogs with behavioral issues in the past & it really helped me learn & grow as an owner. Dog training & behavior are two of my personal passions & working with Wag allows me to get paid to spend time with dogs-I couldn’t ask for more! *Fully Vaccinated*Exp. with pulling, reactivity, resource guarding, obedience, potty training*Exp. with therapy training*Availability varies please reach out!

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Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Injected medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Fast walker, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Training experience, Obedience training, Agility training, Behavioral training, Potty training, Therapy training, Puppy training

“Positive reinforcement walker and novice trainer”

Being a Wag! Walker since May 2015, dogs and their parents have come to love when I take them out. Aside from being a Wag! Walker, I also cared for dogs at the San Francisco SPCA. Besides being trained in dog walking, I am also a novice clicker and r+\p- dog trainer. Though I am not industry certified, I know my stuff. I love making everyone’s dog day a pawsome day and I look forward to making yours too.

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Can run with dogs, Fast walker, Dogs who pull, Obedience training, Behavioral training, Potty training

About Dog Training in Alameda, CA

Training Fun Fact #1:

The Labradoodle is one of the most popular breeds in Alameda and greater Oakland. But did you know the first Labradoodle was specifically bred to be a hypoallergenic guide dog? In the late 1980s, a prolific breeder named Wally Conran successfully crossed a Labrador and a Poodle. Their offspring, named Sultan, became a service dog for a blind woman living in Hawaii. Today, these popular designer dogs are known for their intelligence and trainability. It’s important to keep their minds and bodies occupied with a diverse variety of activities for Labradoodles. When boredom strikes, they just might find some rather destructive ways to entertain themselves!

Training Fun Fact #2:

Alameda is a skip and a hop across the bay from dog-friendly Oakland. But you’ll also find plenty of dog-friendly activities to enjoy right on the island. An array of restaurants and bars in Alameda welcome doggy diners. If your pooch has a bad habit of begging, spend some time training your dog not to beg at the table before your dinner date. You might want to tire them out with a long walk beforehand. It’s also a good idea to bring some food or treats along. Or, make your pupper feel extra special with their very own order! Some dog-friendly restaurants offer complimentary dog treats, or have menus catering to canine customers.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Think your doggo has what it takes to compete in agility events? Train your dog to do the open tunnel trick and they’ll have a good chance of taking home the gold! You’ll need a collapsible tunnel, a few treats, and a little free time. You might want to enlist the help of a friend or family member. On your first few rounds, the tunnel should be short. As your dog progresses, you can gradually increase the length. Toys and treat lures work wonders for training this trick. You’ll also want to use a verbal cue like “tunnel” so your pup knows what to do.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Alameda, CA

Although group classes provide a terrific way for your dog to socialize, private training tackles bad behaviors at their source. You can expect to pay an hourly rate of $125 for in-home training in Alameda, CA. While some facilities offer hourly or individual session rates, others provide packages. This training option combines several training sessions for a set price ranging from $400 to $850 for 4 to 8 sessions.

But before you commit to a package, there are a few things you should know. Consultation fees and other restrictions apply. Only partial refunds are given for packages with unused sessions. Waiting lists are another factor — some trainers in the Alameda area are booked weeks in advance.

Think group classes might suit your needs better? Beginner obedience starts at $130 for a 6 to 7-week course. If you plan to complete the full training program, be prepared to attend the intermediate and advanced classes as well. If your dog’s already completed obedience and is seeking a new challenge, agility classes are just the ticket. Classes and workshops range from $100 to $150 and last between 4 and 7 weeks long.

Wishing there was a more affordable, flexible training option? Wish no longer! Alameda dog trainers on the Wag! app are standing by, ready to work with you and Max. Here’s how it works. Download the app, sign up for an account if you don’t already have one, and enter some basic info. Then you can set the time and date of your session and start browsing dog trainers near you. You’ll see information about their experience and ratings from other pet parents in the area. All this and so much more for just $57 to $63 per hour on average makes it a breeze to find the perfect match!

Going Off-Leash in Alameda, CA

If you’re looking for off-leash freedom, you won’t have to travel to Oakland to find it. Two off-leash dog parks in Alameda provide plenty of room for Princess to roam. Just be sure to obey the city ordinances. All dogs must be vaccinated and licensed with the city. Visitors must keep their dogs under voice control and supervise their dogs at all times. As long as you can follow those standard rules, you’re free to play the day away!

The Main Street Linear Dog Park is the perfect place for a pit stop while hiking the San Francisco Bay Trail. While your dog plays, you’ll enjoy serene views of the Oakland Inner Harbor, the port, and the cityscape beyond. Your pooch has everything they need here: water, waste bags, tennis balls, and separate areas for small and large dogs.

The Alameda Dog Park is a spacious park split into two areas for large and small breeds. It comes complete with all the same amenities as Main Street Linear Dog Park. Because it’s such a popular park, you’ll want to keep an extra close eye on your fur-baby. Not sure your dog is ready to play off-leash with a new pack yet? Find a dog trainer near you and work together to train your dog to get along with other dogs.

Dog Training in Alameda, CA

Alameda’s dog trainers work with breeds large and small, sweet and sassy. You’ll find a decent selection of trainers with experience working with a variety of breeds and temperaments. For Pet Caregivers, working with dogs isn’t just a profession — it’s a passion! Many are pet parents themselves who grew up with loyal dogs in their households. Others work with local shelters and are proud parents of rescue dogs. You can find out more about their experience when you book your first session.

So what breeds do Alameda dog training professionals have the most experience teaching? Every local pet parent knows the Bulldog runs the show in the Bay Area. Bulldogs are known for their friendliness and willingness to please. This makes training a walk in the dog park! You’ll want to watch out for chewing, though. Bulldogs love to gnaw on furniture, shoes, and practically anything else they can get their little paws on. Need help training your puppy to stop chewing on everything you love? Alameda dog trainers can help with that.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, the Labradoodle is also popular with Alameda’s pet parents. This playful designer dog is sure to keep you on your paws! This active breed requires at least an hour of vigorous exercise per day. Keeping their minds and bodies stimulated will help prevent destructive behaviors. Both Labradors and Poodles are highly trainable, and the same holds true for their offspring.

No matter how trainable your pup’s breed, every dog needs a regular, consistent training schedule to thrive. Alameda dog training caregivers on the Wag! platform help you fit your pupper’s training around your busy life. Book your first session today and find out what everyone’s wagging about!

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