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Hi, I'm Russ. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and I'm a lifelong dog lover and avid hiker. I've spent my life walking, training (and cuddling) with all different breeds. My beagle, Pixie, was self trained and became an animal actress! I love spending time outdoors and I can't wait to meet your dog.

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Hi My name is Chris. I have been very lucky to grow up in a family that loves dogs. I currently own a pack of 3 ( 80 lb Goldendoodle, 20 lb Poodle mix, 40 lb German Shepard). My German Shepherd is a tripod ( only has 3 legs) and she is trained and certified for dog therapy. As a dog therapy team we visit senior homes, colleges/universities, and medical buildings. I have owned or worked with many different breeds ( Basset Hounds, Labradors, Bullmastiffs, Clumber Spaniel, English Bulldogs, Pit bulls, Airedales, Jack Russel Terriers, Poodles, Doberman Pinchers...) I enjoy walking dogs and training dogs. Thanks!

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About Dog Training in Cerritos, CA

Training Fun Fact #1:

If you’ve got two hounds living in your home, you may have noticed they learn bad habits from each other. One of your dogs might be the poster fur-child for good behavior, while the other is a mischievous mutt. To stop your badly-behaved buddy from making your well-mannered dog their partner in canine crime, you may have to separate them for a little while. Training just one dog takes a lot of time and effort, so training two will be tricky. Enlist the expertise of a dog trainer near you, and both your babies will be on their best behavior before you know it.

Training Fun Fact #2:

When you hear the term “herding dog”, you might picture a Border Collie. But did you know that the German Shepherd, one of the most popular breeds in the nation, was also originally bred as a herding dog? This intelligent, agile breed traces its history back to 19th-century Germany. Famous canine film stars like Rin-Tin-Tin helped make them popular in America. Today, German Shepherds are a top choice for police dog training, guide dog training, and search-and-rescue training.

Training Fun Fact #3:

The quaint bedroom community of Cerritos is right off major interstates like I-5 and I-605. These busy roadways will lead you to all the dog-friendly fun you can handle, from the glitzy restaurants of Los Angeles to the beautiful shores of Long Beach. But to access all those adventures, you’ll need to train your skittish pupper to enjoy car rides. One handy trick is to feed them a meal inside your parked car. Treats and playtime can also help them overcome their fear. Be patient but consistent, and your woofer will learn to love riding shotgun!

Average Cost of Dog Training in Cerritos, CA

Researching dog training options in Cerritos? Before you commit to a class or private training package, there are a few things you should know. Non-refundable deposits and mileage fees may apply. Some Cerritos, CA dog training facilities require full payment in advance. Others require pet parents to call or contact the facility directly for pricing information.

The average hourly rate for in-home dog training in Cerritos is $100. Some facilities also offer packages with multiple sessions and extra perks. These typically range from $600 to $1,800 for up to 12 private lessons. On the other paw, puppy training and obedience classes for young dogs start at $130 for a 6-week course. Sending your fur-baby off to boarding school is the most expensive option in the city at up to $3,000.

As a dedicated pet parent, you know how important it is to be involved in your dog’s training routine. But maybe you’re struggling to teach basic commands like “sit” and “stay”. Maybe you simply don’t have the time or energy after a busy workday. Whatever your situation, you’ll be happy to learn there’s a budget-friendly alternative that works around your schedule.

Book a Cerritos dog trainer on the Wag! app and start working on Buddy’s behavioral issues and obedience commands. For just $57 to $63 per hour-long session on average, it’s a more affordable, flexible option for pet parents looking to save. The process is simple. Download the app, book your session any day between 8 AM and 8:30 PM, and unlock a list of dog trainers near you. Browse their experience and ratings to find your pup’s perfect match. Then, start chatting in-app to create a custom training plan. All that’s left is to pay securely in-app and get to work! Online dog training sessions are also available for an average rate of $27 to $33 per 30-minute lesson.

Going Off-Leash in Cerritos, CA

It goes without saying that good socialization skills and solid recall are essential for a fun, safe frolic at the local dog park. And when it comes to pup playgrounds near Cerritos, CA, you’re spoiled for choice.

La Palma Dog Park in Anaheim is a great place to meet some new canine compadres. Perks of this popular park include benches, complimentary waste baggies, adequate night lighting, and separate areas for large and small breeds. Frequent visitors rave that both the pups and people here are friendly and well-behaved. (Which makes this a terrific spot to put your pooch’s socialization training into practice!)

A short distance away in Lakewood, Home Run Dog Park is a hit with hounds and humans alike! This petite park situated near the baseball fields at Rynerson Park contains separate zones for small and large breeds. Be aware that this community park is a hive of activity, with lots of other pups, people, and children around.

Need a helping paw with off-leash training or socialization before letting loose? Book a dog trainer on the Wag! app today and start working on Max’s manners!

Dog Training in Cerritos, CA

Most pet parents will confirm that training isn’t always a walk in the dog park. Sometimes, pups can be stubborn. (Kind of like us humans!) Sometimes, pet parents lack the knowledge needed to create a consistent, effective approach to training. And sometimes, it’s a mix of both, with a few other factors thrown in for good measure.

No matter your training needs, Cerritos dog trainers are ready and waiting to assist. Not only are they dog trainers, but they’re dog lovers first and foremost. When they’re not spending quality time with their own pups, you might find them helping out at a local shelter. (When class isn’t in session, that is!)

One of the breeds you’ll most often find sitting, staying, and rolling over for local dog trainers is the spunky Chihuahua. Known for their feisty attitudes and a bark bigger than their tiny bodies, this breed is one of the most beloved in the Los Angeles metro area. Contrary to popular belief, it’s totally possible to train a Chihuahua puppy not to bark at anything and everything that moves! A dog trainer near you can help you train your Chihuahua to listen to you before moving on to more advanced tricks.

Another popular breed in the LA metropolitan area isn’t technically a breed at all! Turns out, pet parents living in the City of Angels love their mixed breeds. Terrier mixes are particularly common. When it comes to trainability, hybrid breeds are kind of like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re gonna get! A Cerritos dog trainer will assess the character traits of the parent breed as well as your dog’s unique personality to create a bespoke training plan.

Ready to give private training a try? Whether you want to practice at home, at the park, or somewhere else, dog trainers in Cerritos have got your needs and preferences covered. Book a trainer today, and Sparky will be strutting their stuff at the local dog park in no time!

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