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Aileen MHartford, CT



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I have been walking and caring for all dog breeds and ages for many years, from pups to seniors. I am enrolled in Pet CPR classes and am a Dog Team Volunteer at a local animal rescue. I treat all my pet clients as if they were my own!

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Hannah CHartford, CT



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“Dogs are my life :)”

My name is Hannah Crawford, and I am currently 18 years old. I have always owned a dog, German Shepherds to be exact. I currently have three German Shepherds so I am able to handle large and hyperactive dogs. I have always loved animals and hope to one days be able to have a career with animals so being introduced to new dogs and seeing how they act would be very fun for me. There is no specific breed or size of dog I would like to walk so I am open to any kind of dog and I hope to meet yours!!!

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Can run with dogs, Senior dog care, High energy dogs, Training experience, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Fast walker

About Dog Training in Hartford, CT

Training Fun Fact #1:

So your mutt has mastered the “heel” command while walking on-leash. Now what? Level up Lassie’s leash manners by training your dog to heel off-leash. Using a treat lure is a great place to start. With your dog on a leash, dole out the treats sparingly as you walk, encouraging your dog to walk alongside you at your pace. Over time, decrease the number of treats before adding a command. Once your dog has gotten the hang of it, remove the leash and test their abilities.

Training Fun Fact #2:

Keen to change up your dog’s training routine? Training your dog to deliver to your hand is a fun challenge for your pup and a useful trick for you. An essential command for bird-hunting dogs, this command will take time, patience, a couple of toys, and a bag of your pup’s favorite treats. The key is to reward your dog for placing the item (usually a toy) into your hand rather than dropping it at your feet. Whichever method you choose to use, your dog should learn this command within two weeks, provided you practice often.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Training your dog to give paw is one of the most basic tricks to teach your fur-baby. To start working on this trick, have your dog sit. Conceal a treat in a clenched fist, then give the verbal command “give paw”. Let Sparky sniff your hand, but keep it closed so they can’t reach the treat. When your dog digs at your paw to try to get the treat, reward them. Keep practicing and your hound will be shaking hands like a pro before you know it!

Average Cost of Dog Training in Hartford, CT

Curious about the cost of Hartford, CT dog training options? Some in-home dog trainers in the Hartford area require prospective customers to submit an inquiry via email or phone for pricing information. While some Hartford dog training facilities charge individually for each training session, others bundle multiple sessions into packages. These packages range from $550 to $675 for 4 private sessions which cover puppy training basics and behavioral issues.

The cost of dog training classes in Hartford varies depending on your dog’s age and training needs. You can expect to pay between $120 and $240 for a 6-week course covering obedience fundamentals and preventing aggression. Agility training ranges from $80 to $110 for a 6-week class. Membership fees may also apply.

Group classes and bundles may not be the best option for your dog. Not only do they usually require payment upfront, but they also might not work around every owner’s busy work schedule. Before committing to a class, why not browse Hartford dog trainers on the Wag! app? An affordable, flexible solution, Hartford dog training through Wag! allows you to book by the session. Just set the time and date, choose your trainer, and start chatting through the in-app messaging feature. Hartford dog trainers with Wag! bring the obedience classes right to your living room, all for a flat fee of just $60 per hour.

Going Off-Leash in Hartford, CT

Once your doggo’s got the obedience basics down pat, it’s time to put their learning into practice at Hartford’s off-leash dog parks. Standard dog park rules apply at Hartford’s off-leash zones. Dogs must wear current rabies and vaccination tags and be licensed with the city. Owners are responsible for their dogs’ behavior and must keep them in sight and under voice control at all times. Choke, prong, electric, and other types of training collars are prohibited.

Now that you know the off-leash ordinances, it’s time to play! Practice Alex’s agility skills at South Windsor Bark Park. Complete with separate areas for large and small dogs, this off-leash zone is a terrific spot to sniff out some canine companions and strut Spot’s stuff on the agility equipment. Another great place to lose the leash is Rocky Hill Dog Park. This small park spans just over an acre of fenced, grassy space where Fido can roam free.

These beautiful parks are just a small sample of Hartford’s off-leash areas. If your buddy could use a refresher course on dog park etiquette before your playdate, link up with a Hartford dog trainer on the Wag! app and you two will be romping and rolling in no time!

Dog Training in Hartford, CT

No matter your training needs, Hartford dog trainers are skilled and experienced in a wide range of canine care matters. Many Hartford dog training professionals on the Wag! platform are pet parents themselves, so you can rest assured that they’ll go the extra mile to help your pup reach their potential.

What breeds are learning new tricks alongside their trainers in Hartford? The Goldendoodle is a firm favorite with Hartford’s pet parents. Golden Retrievers are known for their trainability, gentleness, and loyalty. Poodles respond equally well to training, so generally speaking, your Goldendoodle should be a treat to train. But as is the case with most mixed breeds, every mutt’s temperament is unique. Connect with a Hartford dog trainer near you and create a training plan that’s fully customized to your Goldendoodle’s unique personality.

The Siberian Husky also earns a spot among Hartford’s most popular dog breeds. Huskies make the perfect companion for Hartford pet parents weathering Connecticut’s snowy winters. Huskies love socializing, so expect them to make friends at the dog park fairly easily. You’ll need to start working on the “heel” and “recall” commands as soon as possible, since Huskies are known for running wild. Keep your training sessions fun and engaging and your Husky will learn the rules of the roost before you know it. Tap into their natural mushing instinct and train your Husky to pull a sled. These intelligent doggos also excel at agility and rally obedience.

Even the most trainable breeds need a helping paw sometimes. Whether your pal needs a little extra guidance on good manners or a serious attitude adjustment, Hartford dog trainers on the Wag! app are standing by, ready and waiting to assist.