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“I speak dog fluently :)”

I am the owner of 5 big dogs 4 pit bulls and 1 Aussie mix but love dogs of all sizes. I also enjoy getting exercise and taking walks. Very responsible and do a great job of taking care of animals and teaching them on all levels.

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Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Senior dog care, High energy dogs, Fast walker, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Training experience

Hi I’m Victoria! I am currently a graduate student at Mercer University. My pet care experience includes volunteering at an animal shelter to train and care for dogs, working at a pet boarding company, and pet sitting for various people. I have such a deep love for animals and am looking forward to meeting your fur babies!!!

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Can run with dogs, Dogs who pull, Training experience

About Dog Training in Tucker, GA

Training Fun Fact #1:

Many dogs have a few bad habits, and one of the worst is eating out of the trash. You can train your dog not to eat trash reasonably quickly — in around a month. Try using obedience training and distractions to stop your dog from digging around in the garbage. Get your dog to learn tricks like “sit” and “stay” so your hound will stop on command. Alternatively, get a puzzle feeder so your dog gets more entertainment out of their meals. If your pup tries to go for the trash can, grab their favorite toy as a fun distraction. 

Training Fun Fact #2:

Whistles have been used for hundreds of years to command dogs. If you fancy teaching your dog this ancient art, it'll take around a month or two. The best time to train your pooch to obey a whistle is during puppy training. Use a mixture of the whistle and the “come” command to get your pup used to the noise. Give plenty of praise and treats when your pup gets things right. Try using the same technique with other commands and change the whistle's pitch if possible so your mutt can tell the difference between tricks. 

Training Fun Fact #3:

Trying to get your pint-sized pupper to ride around in your purse? You can get your woofer used to being carried in a bag in less than a week. Try acclimating your dog by putting blankets, treats, and a toy in the purse. Once your dog gets inside and settled, try closing and lifting up the bag. Walk around the house for a couple of minutes, increase the duration over time, and ensure you're giving Todo plenty of rewards. Before you know it, you'll be able to carry your miniature mutt around with you anywhere you go!

Average Cost of Dog Training in Tucker, GA

Tucker and the whole Atlanta metro area is doggy heaven, with tons of dog parks and trainers in the vicinity. However, always check the class rules before taking your woofer along for training.

Many dog trainers require proof of vaccinations and microchip upon enrollment. You'll also find there's stiff competition for spaces at some dog training classes in Tucker, GA. Make sure you book well in advance so you don't miss out. 

Group training is another popular option. Group classes provide a place for your pupper to socialize, but training may be slower as your pooch won't be getting all the attention. Group programs also last for around 6 weeks, so you may want to consider a different option if you don't feel like being tied down to a course. Group dog training classes in Tucker, GA cost between $129 and $190 for a 5 or 6-week program.

Private lessons a great way to train your pup in a hurry; however, they do cost more than group classes. Around Tucker, you'll be looking at around $95 for an hour-long, one-on-one session at your home.

Looking for an affordable alternative? Find a Tucker, GA dog trainer on the Wag! app. Instead of committing to a course, you can book single sessions around your busy schedule. Use the in-app chat feature to discuss your dog’s training needs. Trainers on the Wag! platform are willing to work with you to ensure your pupper is getting the most bang for their bark. Plus, with rates starting as low as $60 per hour, you'll have a few bucks left over to buy some tasty treats for your fur-baby!

Going Off-Leash in Tucker, GA

You won't find any dog parks in Tucker; however, there are several wonderful parks northeast of Atlanta where Max can roam free. No two parks are the same, so check the park rules before planning a trip. Some parks require vaccinations, microchipping, and have strict leash rules. You'll also find some parks are for members only, so do a little digging around online before heading out. 

The Clarkston Dog Park in Clarkston is one of the closest dog parks to Tucker. You'll find a sizeable off-leash area within this community park where your pooch can hang out with their friends. It's unclear whether there are separate areas for small and large dogs, so make sure your dog is well-trained before visiting.

If you'd prefer to escape the city and head further into the country, swing by the JB Williams Dog Park in Lilburn. Unlike the dog park in Clarkston, JB Williams Dog Park boasts separate areas for small and large dogs, making this a better place for skittish puppers. While the park is relatively small, there's still enough space for your mutt to have a run around.

Dog Training in Tucker, GA

To find the best Tucker, GA dog trainers, check out reviews from other satisfied pet parents. Many Tucker dog trainers on the Wag! platform have dozens of five-star ratings, so you'll know immediately who the superstar trainers are in your city. 

Dog trainers on the Wag! platform have experience with tons of breeds, including one of the most popular pups in Atlanta: Pit Bull Terriers. When given plenty of love, these stocky, intelligent animals are very docile and make great family pets. Pitties love a wide variety of activities. Try playing tug-of-war with your Pit Bull, or try going on a long hike together. 

Whatever breed your pupper may be, start training as early and often as possible so they don't develop any bad habits later in life. Download the Wag! app to find a dog trainer near you who can teach your doggo a trick or two!

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