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Wag! is the nation's fastest-growing network of pre-screened and insured dog walkers, sitters, and trainers. In less than 15 minutes you can book a nearby dog sitter, daycare provider, or dog walker, who'll take complete care of your loved one - at their place or yours.

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“Dogs are proof that angels exist ❤️”

Yes my real name is Merlin! New to Wag but not to pet care! I’ve been in the pet care industry for the 5 years and it’s been a blessing in every way possible. I’ve handled a multitude of situations and have been able to love and care for all sorts of dogs, cats and occasional ferrets! I’d love to meet you and your pet ❤️

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“Who let the dogs out? I did, to take them out!”

Pets are like family. They can get us through trying times while providing us with unconditional love! As an avid dog lover, nothing makes me more happier than the ability to tend for dogs. I have had a rescue Mutt for 13 years now and never thought she would have such an impact on my life. I have dog sat before and am comfortable tending to all different types of dogs. I am used to engaging in all sorts of activities ranging from nonstop frisbee, going on a long walk or just sunbathing together in the yard!

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About Dog Training in Andover, MA

Training Fun Fact #1:

Is your dog lifting a leg just a bit too often? This could be your doggo marking their territory. Your pupster wants to leave their scent as a way of letting other dogs know this is their space. Marking outside of the house is a natural behavior. But leaving a scent inside the house cannot be allowed. Have your dog checked at the vet first, to rule out an underlying medical condition.

Training Fun Fact #2:

The Boston Terrier is the state dog of Massachusetts. Gentle and nicely mannered, this cute pooch is ideal for apartment living. This doesn't mean this four-legged dynamo won’t need exercise, though. The Boston Terrier’s personality is an energetic and happy one. Getting them out and about will help to socialize them, an important part of raising a well-rounded dog.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Does your dog chew more than just a dog bone? Doing so is a behavior to expect from all young tail-waggers. Direct your mini-doggo’s chewing habit to teething toys with texture to soothe gums. Instruct your dog with commands like “fetch” and “drop it” to teach them chewing anything but their own toys is a no-go.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Andover, MA

Does your dog lunge when on the leash? Is your pooch having trouble getting along with other dogs? It’s time for dog training to nip these behaviors in the bud and give your furry buddy the tools to know how to socialize. In Andover, the options to train your dog are many.

Group classes are the ideal place to socialize a dog who needs help making friends. On average, courses in Andover cost between $150 and $225 for 6 weeks of training. Be prepared to fully participate in class and practice every day what you’ve learned. This is a necessity so Fido can move on with next week's lesson.

Private in-home training is an option for dogs who are quiet and thrive on individual instruction. The cost is $150 per hour and may include lessons given both at home and in public. Other instructors will ask you to bring your dog to their facility.

Is your clever dog wagging their tail to play ball? Dog trainers in Andover are ready to start. It’s a breeze when you download the easy to use Wag! app. Team up with an enthusiastic trainer to formulate a plan personalized to what your pup needs to learn. At just $60 per one-hour session, your woofer will enjoy the one on one attention they deserve.

Going Off-Leash in Andover, MA

Get your pup park-ready! Start off small and simple with a fun outing to Andover Dog Park. It’s not a big place to romp but is open from sunrise to sunset so you can play early while the park is quiet. The terrain is sand and Fido will have a blast digging holes all over the park. Just be sure to fill them in when it's time to head home.

Teach your dog to trek by exploring Minuteman Bikeway Trail in nearby Arlington. This picturesque trail is long enough to provide a few hours of fresh air and adventure. Meander along at your own pace and at Arlington’s Great Meadows, you can branch off onto other trails. Make your way back at this point, or continue on to Hartwell Town Forest. 

To visit local parks and trails in this part of Massachusetts, all dogs over 6 months of age must be licensed and vaccinated for rabies. Once these few requirements are met, you can enjoy the small-town charm of Andover, and Fido can get started making new friends!

Dog Training in Andover, MA

Sunny days in Andover lead to lots of outdoor time. It’s highly likely you will see other “furiendly” dogs getting exercise and fresh air at off-leash parks and on the trails. Is your tail-wagger eager to meet other pups? Vetted and enthusiastic local dog trainers are happy to teach your dog what they need to know to fit right in with the crowd.

Dogs both big and small make the list of favorites here. From the stately German Shepherd to the perky Pomeranian, dogs of all sizes are cherished and beloved members of local families.

The sassy Dachshund is ready to dig deep at a moment’s notice. Who can resist their sparkly eyes and cheery demeanor? This dog is no couch potato and despite their small size, loves to be on the go.

Another busy pooch is the Poodle. Seen out and about in Andover, they are eager to please, always friendly, and very intelligent. Sign your Poodle up for extracurricular activities like agility and obstacle training to see them shine.

All breeds of dogs need exercise, both physically and mentally. And every dog deserves the opportunity to learn. Book a workout for your pooch's mind and body by teaming up with a Andover dog trainer today!

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