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Wag! is the nation's fastest-growing network of pre-screened and insured dog walkers, sitters, and trainers. In less than 15 minutes you can book a nearby dog sitter, daycare provider, or dog walker, who'll take complete care of your loved one - at their place or yours.

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I have worked in an animal shelter for about five years. I have also walked and provided pet sitting services within my own business. I have experience with training basic skills for dogs and have trained a service dog for psychiatric care. I can't wait to meet your pup!

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Oral medicine administration, Senior dog care, High energy dogs, Fast walker, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Training experience

Everyone that knows me knows that I am the dog lady. No one loves dogs more than me and I have dedicated my time to learning more and more about our four legged friends. I take care of each pup like they are my own and give them just as much love! I pride myself on the extra steps I take beyond the service being provided and my ability to connect with both 4-legged and 2-legged beings :)

Background Checked

High Demand

Training Provider

Training Exam Complete


Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Fast walker, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Training experience, Obedience training, Behavioral training, Socialization training, Potty training, Puppy training

About Dog Training in Quincy, MA

Training Fun Fact #1:

The loveable Collie, Lassie, was played by an intelligent dog named Pal. Yes, Pal was a male dog playing the female lead, but he didn’t mind a bit. It is thought that Lassie had “the most spectacular canine career in film history.” Part of Pal’s success (besides the beautiful coat) was his obedience. In truth, all dogs like to obey – but the owner has to help them understand the commands and be consistent in training.

Training Fun Fact #2:

Just what is an Ewokian? Fans of Star Wars may have an inkling. This dog is a mix between the Havanese and the Pomeranian. This sweet pupster gets their name from their looks. You guessed it, they look like an Ewok. Personality-wise they are affectionate but do have a problem with solitude. Solve the issue by working on behaviors like barking when alone, using consistent and kind training methods.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Do you have a dog prone to destruction? This tendency can come from an innate personality trait or from the fact that they are bored. Remember, physical and mental stimulation are essential to a dog’s happiness. Provide your dog with physical activities like bikejoring and mental workouts that involve using the brain, like treat toys.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Quincy, MA

Your pooch is pretty important, and that’s why they deserve the best. Part of giving them the best is a chance to excel at dog training. Don’t put it off – you will be pleased with the results, and your dog will, too!

Group classes are ideal for confident dogs who get along with all of the other pooches at the park, no matter how big or small. In Quincy, this form of training will cost between $100 and $200 per course. The fee depends on the length of the class and how in-depth it is. Doggos learn everything a dog needs to know from the ground up. After basic commands are nailed down, dogs can also join fun clubs like agility and rally-o.

If you are heading out of town and have to board your dog, why not look into board and train? You can send your pup off to stay with the trainer, and when you return, your dog will have learned a lot! It’s a great way for pooches to train, and typically follow-up support is included in the price. The cost for a 2-week board and train in Quincy runs around $2,400.

In-home private training is another option that fits the bill for many pet parents. Sessions take place in your home or sometimes at a location like a public park. Fees for private lessons average around $130 an hour, and there may be a consultation fee on top of that.

Private in-home classes are an excellent alternative for a young dog who needs to learn the ropes of good behavior or an older dog that needs to brush up on skills. Dog trainers in Quincy, MA know how to handle both scenarios. It’s easy to book an in-home private training session on the Wag! app. Dog training can be tailored to your pup’s needs and is affordable, with average prices starting at $57 per one-hour session. Or, save some extra cash and time with digital dog training. Each 30-minute session starts at just $27 on average. You'll see a final price when you select your dog trainer in the Wag! app.

Going Off-Leash in Quincy, MA

Quincy is just 20 minutes outside of Boston, and miles of pretty coastline highlight the beauty of the city. There is a lot of history here, too, to keep you and Radar interested as you walk about town.

Before venturing off on a promenade to walk past historic homes like the Dorothy Quincy Homestead and Josiah Quincy House, get your dog outfitted as per the city's rules. Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated for rabies. Keep Radar leashed at all times, and of course, pick up after your dog no matter where you go.

Take Radar over to Sharon, to Sharon Dog Park at Sampson Park. It’s a popular spot for local doggos and the ideal place to practice getting along with other dogs and behaving at the dog park. This accomodating park has a separate area for small dogs so they can freely play without worrying about the exuberance of bigger canines.

Looking for a beach in Quincy? Radar is sure to have a blast at Squantum Point Park Beach. This picturesque spot includes a place to picnic after fun times in the surf. Be sure to bring along fresh water to drink and a towel to clean the sand from your furry pal’s feet and fur.

Outings like walks, beach days, and sightseeing are all that much better with a well-trained dog by your side. Sign your four-legger up for dog training classes, and soon they’ll be the hit of the neighborhood!

Dog Training in Quincy, MA

Local dog trainers in Quincy frequent the parks, trails, and beaches, too. First, they train their own dogs, and then they bring the knowledge to you. Train alongside your favorite dog and see the benefits of owning a calm and confident pooch.

You have your favorite dog who means the world to you. Other pet parents in this historic town have dogs they love, too. Breeds often seen out and about in Quincy are the Labrador Retriever and the German Shepherd. Both of these large canines love to work, and the German Shepherd, in particular, has a knack for in-depth training, such as is needed for police work. Whether it’s detecting drugs or contraband, this dog is ready to find it.

Also on the list of popular puppers in this New England city is the perky Pug. With their spritely walk and upbeat attitude, the Pug is a hit in Quincy. They can be seen trotting along the shore of local beaches and then kicking up the sand. This wrinkly skinned dog needs a good cleaning after beach-time play to get all of the sand and moisture out of the wrinkles on the body, especially around the face.

Not to be missed are the Golden Retriever and the Yorkshire Terrier, two dogs lovingly adored for their affectionate personalities and beautiful coats. The Yorkie needs to be brushed and trimmed often to keep their silky fur from tangling. The Golden deserves a weekly brushing to keep them comfortable as well.

Keep your dog looking and feeling like the top dog of Quincy by giving them the benefit of sessions booked with a local dog trainer on the Wag! app. Connect and chat with a trainer today. It’s that easy!

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