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Wag! is the nation's fastest-growing network of pre-screened and insured dog walkers, sitters, and trainers. In less than 15 minutes you can book a nearby dog sitter, daycare provider, or dog walker, who'll take complete care of your loved one - at their place or yours.

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“ALL dogs allowed! Every dog is the best dog ❤”

I have had dogs all my life, I have always loved them. I got involved in rescue over 10 years ago and have been fortunate to help and love many dogs. Being able to care for them and see them transform from the sick, scared, or abused (often all of those) dogs into healthy, loving babies is so rewarding. They are so loving, and deserve the very best we can do for them!

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“Spread positivity, joy, and love!”

Hi my name is Ali, I am from San Antonio Texas now here residing in Dallas! I have so much experience with all kinds of animals. I have worked in 3 different animal shelters, owned many types of pets, and was a mom to a Siberian Husky all the way until her golden years. I had her since she was 8 weeks in 2008! I love to work out so if a run is what you need for your pup, I got you covered. I am an artist as well as an art teacher in Mesquite ISD, and is extremely grateful to be apart of Wag!.

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Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Fast walker, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Training experience, Obedience training, Behavioral training, Socialization training, Potty training

About Dog Training in Dallas, TX

Training Fun Fact #1:

The happiest and healthiest dogs have a strong foundation of obedience training, but why stop there? Using basic commands like “retrieve” and “drop it”, you can train your dog to bring you the newspaper! This trick takes about four to six weeks to master. (Plus, it’s also a great way to get your dog to stop barking at the mailman.)

Training Fun Fact #2:

Training your dog to stop growling at other dogs involves training yourself as well as your woofer. Your dog is more emotionally intelligent than you might think — they sense your body language and react accordingly. If your dog growls at other dogs on your walks, pulling the leash or reprimanding your dog won’t do any good. While socialization and positive reinforcement work wonders for preventing aggressive behaviors, it’s also essential for you to stay calm yet firm in these situations.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Did you know dogs can detect seizures up to 45 minutes before they happen? Because their noses are so sensitive, dogs can smell the chemical changes occurring inside the body right before a seizure strikes. Using verbal cues, scent samples, and treats, dog trainers can teach dogs to alert their handlers of a seizure.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Dallas, TX

How much do Dallas dog training classes cost? Well, that depends on your dog’s age and behavior as well as the mode of training. On average, you can expect to pay $165 for a six-week puppy training class. Obedience classes are usually separated into beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. To complete all three levels of obedience school, you can expect to invest $175 per tier, which adds up to more than $500 over a 5-month period. Agility training will set you back about $100 for an 8-week course.

Private dog trainers in Dallas charge anywhere between $100 and $300 per hour for home visits. Some trainers charge an additional consultation fee, while other Dallas dog trainers also charge an extra fee for mileage. It’s also important to note that some dog trainers in Dallas won’t work with aggressive dogs.

Searching for a cost-effective dog training option in Dallas? Want personalized, one-on-one lessons tailored to your pooch’s needs? Look no further! Download the Wag! app and find a dog trainer in Dallas in just a few clicks. Direct messaging and secure payment make it easy to team up with a trainer and book a session that fits your busy schedule. In-home dog training with Wag! starts at average price of $57 to $63 per session, helping you save a little cash to spend pampering your pal. Alternatively, Pet Caregivers on the platform also offer 30-minute digital dog training sessions for an average price of $27 to $33.

Going Off-Leash in Dallas, TX

Itching to let loose at the dog park? There are a few rules you should know. The City of Dallas requires visitors to keep their dogs in sight and under voice control at all times. Aggressive and unfriendly dogs are prohibited. Pet parents are also responsible for filling in any holes their doggos dig. If Daisy is a digger, it might be a good idea to train your dog to stop digging holes with the help of a Dallas dog trainer.

Now that you’re up to speed on the rules, it’s time for some off-leash freedom! Deep Ellum Dog Park, also known as Bark Park Central, is a great option for first-timers. With just over an acre of space, there’s plenty of room to roam — but be aware that mutts of all sizes are welcome to mingle in this fenced area.

The Mutts Cantina Dog Park is one of the most popular dog parks in Dallas, and for a doggone good reason: the on-site restaurant! Just make sure your Terrier won’t be tempted by the tantalizing smells of burgers and breakfast tacos. Mutts Cantina regularly hosts fun events for its canine customers, so good manners are important. But as long as your dog doesn’t mind a crowd, Sparky can strut their stuff on the A-frame and splash in the doggy pool in the summer. 

Speaking of making a splash, White Rock Lake Dog Park is the perfect place to doggy-paddle the day away. This fenced dog park with lake access is a hit with Dallas hounds. No matter when you visit, you’ll likely find a pack of pooches to play with. If Spot is shy or nervous around other dogs, find a dog trainer near you and work on socialization before visiting White Rock Lake.

Dog Training in Dallas, TX

When class is out of session, you can usually find Dallas dog trainers helping out at the area’s animal shelters. Volunteers who are qualified for the “Daycation” program with Dallas Animal Services can even take the shelter’s residents on a field trip to Dallas’ dog-friendly parks, trails, and restaurants. Not only is this a great way to teach the dogs obedience and good social skills, but it also keeps them happy while they await their “furever” home.

What breeds will you find strolling the streets of Dallas? Aside from eternally beloved breeds like Labradors and German Shepherds, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is one of the most popular breeds in Dallas. Training a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a treat — these affectionate fur-babies want nothing more than to please their parents. With a consistent approach involving lots of socialization and positive reinforcement, your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will get the hang of obedience training in no time. From there, you can keep them stimulated with agility training, rally obedience, and even therapy dog training.

The Pug is another firm favorite with Dallas dog owners. These pint-sized pups have a big personality, and they’re happiest when they’re spending quality time with their family. Pugs are people-pleasers, but they’re somewhat sensitive, so positive reinforcement is the way to go. As for whether or not Pugs are easy to train, the internet is divided — but remember, every dog is unique. That’s why it’s important to customize your dog’s obedience lessons to suit their personality.

Whether you’re preparing to welcome a new pup to the pack, or your fur-baby could use a refresher course on obedience, Dallas dog trainers on the Wag! app can lend a helping paw. Download the app today and find a dog trainer near you.

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