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Wag! Walkers know East Village (E Village)

East Village is a small neighborhood in the southeast corner of Maywood, Illinois. The town of Maywood is a suburb of Chicago located 10 miles west of the city center and directly between the city’s two major airports, Midway and O’Hare. The area is mostly residential, but it is known for its history as a major stop on the Underground Railroad as well as the home of the Illinois National Guard during World War II which trained soldiers for combat.

The weather in Maywood is less drastic than that of the metropolitan Chicago area. Chicago experiences constant wind due to its location along Lake Michigan, but Maywood is far enough west of the city that this effect is greatly reduced. However, its winters can still be cold and windy, so make sure to take the proper precautions to keep yourself and your dog warm if you choose to walk in the colder months. 

What is the terrain like in East Village (E Village)?

The terrain in most of the Chicago area is remarkably flat and this is true for Maywood as well. There are almost no hills or changes in elevation to speak of within the boundaries of the town, making it an easy place for dog walking. Trees line most of the streets and the feel of East Village is not nearly as urban as some of the towns closer to Chicago.

The foot and street traffic will be mild to medium at most times of day with the exception of the rush hour where the major thoroughfares in East Village will be much more congested. Roads like Madison Street, 9th Avenue, and Harrison Street are some of the biggest and most traveled in the neighborhood and they stay relatively busy. If you stick to the residential areas of the neighborhood, you will have much less commotion to deal with on your daily walks. 

How many greenways are there in East Village (E Village)?

There are no parks or greenways within the boundaries of East Village, but there are several options nearby for you and your dog to explore that are within easy walking distance. Just a few blocks north of the northern border of the neighborhood is Memorial Park which is a large, open green space that has a soccer field and some basketball courts. The park is lined with trees on either side and is one of the best parks in the area to go dog walking.

A few more blocks ahead in the northeastern corner of Maywood, you will find a large park that is connected to the Maywood Public Library, the Maywood Police Department, and the Fred Hampton Aquatic Center. This park is much larger than Memorial Park and it has multiple athletic fields and plenty of open green space with walking trails and tree-shaded areas for you to enjoy with your pup.

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