Top Dog Beaches in Los Angeles, CA

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You've seen the pics on Instagram: lolling tongue, sun at a perfect angle, pounding surf in the background. A rescue pup with a cute pair of tilted sunglasses gets some serious side-eye from a sopping wet corgi. A lab mix splashes out of the ocean with three tennis balls in her mouth. These pics might make you think the Los Angeles coast is just one giant dog beach, but you'd be wrong: there's only two leash-free beaches in the L.A. area. Don't howl in disappointment just yet, though. There are tons of gorgeous on-leash beaches that you and your pup can explore in nearby Malibu and beyond. While many area beaches restrict the hours dogs can visit, none of the puptastic beaches on this list do!

#10 Marina Park Beach

Marina Park Beach in Ventura is situated on a sheltered cove, so you won't see surfers here, but you will see people leaving the harbor in their boats and families, as the sheltered waters are safer to swim in. A crescent of rocks sets off the beach, which can get crowded at peak times. A grassy zone with a few shade trees extends beyond the beach. Well socialized, leashed dogs are welcome on all beach and park grounds.

#9 Oxnard Beach Park

Oxnard Beach Park is a bursting with family-friendly activities that furry family members are just as welcome to attend in Oxnard. It's beautiful, too, with a wide, clean, sandy beach and a vast, clear horizon. Paved walking paths wind through sand dunes lined with palms and native beach plants. They continue north through grassy lawns that are perfect for extending your on-leash romp when they're not being used for dog-friendly outdoor concerts.

#8 Solimar Beach

Along the Pacific Coast Highway in nearby Ventura sits this lovely beach. An area with no amenities, the sand here stretches from oceanfront properties to the Pacific Ocean. Go when the tide is low for the most sandy area to romp in! This quiter beach is pawrific for a stroll or a splash, with the Anacapa Islands in the distance.
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#7 Surfer's Point Beach

This Ventura beach is pure SoCal. Tall palms graze the sky. A long pier juts into the ocean. Surfers test their skills in the waves while joggers, cyclists, and skaters cruise along the paved bike path that hugs this gorgeous, rocky beach. The river meets the sea here, creating lagoons where marsh plants and birds flourish. And oh yeah, this laid-back beach is way dog-friendly. Just keep your pup on a leash and it's all good.

#6 Harbor Cove Beach (Mother's Beach)

Many locals refer to Harbor Cove Beach by its nickname, "Mother's Beach," which perfectly captures its vibe. This family-friendly beach in Ventura is known for being a safe and welcoming place to relax with both two-legged and four-legged family members. Leashes are required. The best way to have a great day at Mother's Beach is to not do anything that would disappoint your mom, like not cleaning up after your dog or letting them harsh someone else's mellow.

#5 La Conchita Beach

Situated between Mussle Shoals and Rincon Point in Ventura, La Conchita Beach is on the line between Venura and Santa Barbara Counties. This quiet beach offers less crowds and more romping time with your pooch since there are few access points to get to this sandy haven. Though bordered by a highway, a rock barrier makes clear its boundaries. Enjoy a day of free beach combing or splashing in the sand!

#4 Leo Carrillo State Park Beaches

This pupperific state park offers three great beaches for leashed pups to explore. Staircase Beach and North Beach are quiet places where you can escape the crowds and enjoy pawmazing scenery. Chiseled arches, sea caves, and narrow grottoes out of the rocky cliffs surround these gorgeous beaches. County Line Beach features natural plants that grow on both land and water, and nearby kelp forests attract both scuba divers and sea lions. 

#3 Point Mugu State Park Beaches

Point Mugu State Park gives pups three pawrific beaches to explore on leash. At Sycamore Cove Beach, trees grow along the sandy beach all the way to the water's edge. Waves crash against giant boulders and jutting spires of wind-sculpted rock. At Mugu Beach, curious sea lions come ashore and dolphins surf the waves. At Thornhill Broome Beach, you and your dog can even camp together at one of the primitive campsites directly on the beach!  

#2 Huntington Dog Beach

Huntington Dog Beach is a pawsome place for dogs and their people. One of only two L.A.-area leash-free dog beaches, it's a hub of puptastic social activity and themed meetups. Even when there isn't a party going on, this expansive sandy beach is a great place to bring your dog to swim and frolic. Amenities include a paved bike path, a grassy park area just beyond the beach, and public bathrooms.

#1 Rosie's Dog Beach

Rosie's Dog Beach in Long Beach might just be the most puptastic place in the greater L.A. area. This huge beach park features a vast expanse of soft sand dotted with palm trees and sand castles. Dogs are free to romp off-leash here both in and out of the water. Confident and well-socialized dogs will have a blast here, but there's enough room for shy dogs to find a quiet spot to sunbathe, too.