Top Dog Breeds for Active Lifestyles

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Imagine you could find a pet who can accompany you practically anywhere, go on walks with you, running, hiking, or whatever it is you enjoy most. Oh wait, there is a loving, cute pet who can do all that and more! Of course, it's none other than man's best friend. Dogs are our loyal compatriots, ready to follow us anywhere. Not only do they make the best cuddle buddies, but they also make the best companions for going on adventures. Are you looking for a furever friend to run and play with? Then look no more! Here's our top ten dog breeds for active lifestyles!

Siberian Husky

Known for its mystifying wild look and brave stature, the Husky is an incredible pup for the outdoors. In fact, you shouldn't consider getting a Siberian Husky unless you truly have an active lifestyle as these pups thrive off of having lots of exercise and playtime. This dog breed is an ideal companion for active people.


The Weimaraner is one of the best dogs for active lifestyles, thanks to its energetic spirit and need to exercise regularly. Whether you're taking a jog in the city or hiking on rugged terrain in the mountains, the Weimaraner, with its low-maintenance gorgeous gray coat, can quickly adapt to its changing environment.

Australian Shepherd

The ideal dog for active families, the Australian Shepherd is notably well-behaved with an adventurous spirit. This herding dog is a pro when it comes to maintaining stamina, making it one of the better breeds to have for those with active lifestyles. You really can't go wrong with one of these sweethearts!
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Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers love to do what you love to do, and they'll certainly try their best each time no matter the task. Labradors have plenty of energy ready to be released at any moment's notice. They love hiking, swimming, hunting, fishing, or doing just about anything you could think of!


If you're looking for a true athlete, then look no further than the Vizsla dog breed. Extremely skilled when it comes to agility, running, jumping, and more, the Vizsla is the perfect companion for someone always on the go. Their high trainability makes them one of the best, well-behaved dogs for active lifestyles.

Border Collie

If you have the chance of being best friends with a Border Collie, then, by all means, take it! These beautiful pups know how to have a good time outdoors. Designated one of the most intelligent breeds of their kind, Border Collies can easily match their pace to yours. You'll never have to worry about this loyal pup getting left behind.


If you've ever watched 101 Dalmatians, then you know this dog breed is quite the active pup! Fleeing from Cruella has never been easier, thanks to this dog breed's muscular body and lively spirit. Dalmatians are the ideal and cutest companion for adventures in both the city and the countryside with their obedient nature and gentle behavior.

German Shorthair Pointer

A doggo with eyes on the finish line, the German Shorthair Pointer makes a great furry companion for those woofing to get outdoors. The German Shorthair Pointer, being both intelligent and obedient, makes a great hunting dog and hiking partner. If you wish to be outdoors with a dog who will stick by your side, then this is it.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are emblematic of man's best friend. Truly eager to please their owners, Golden Retrievers will walk the walk, if that's the command! Whether it's hiking, fishing, fetching, or swimming, Golden Retrievers will do it will ease and grace. And not to mention, they look pretty darn cute doing it too!

Jack Russell Terrier

Small but might, Jack Russell Terriers might fool you at first! Their smaller size might have you think they couldn't keep up with your active lifestyle, but the truth is the other way around. With a Jack Russell Terrier, you'll be the one trying dragging your paws behind! 'Full of energy' is a Jack Russell Terrier's motto.