Angel Of Shavano Group

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Camp Type: Tent, RV
Dogs Allowed: Yes
Restroom: Pit Toilet
Permit: Not required
Shower: No
Wifi: Not available
Entrance Fee: $125.00
Campfire: Allowed
Pet Fee: None
Leash Rule: On Leash

Grab 100 of your closest friends and head for the hills of Colorado! It is here by Shavano Mountain that you will find the Angel of Shavano Group Campsite, a wide-open space where large numbers of campers can stay together by the North Fork South Arkansas River. The facility is situated not far from a family campground and a reservoir, though the two areas do not share a name.

While it's estimated that 100 guests can camp comfortably at the group site, only 14 vehicles will be able to park on the grounds -- the lot isn't ideal for larger rigs or trailers. Also, the only place to access water is at the North Fork campground further down the road, and the route is so rocky that standard vehicles -- never mind RVs -- have a difficult time making the journey. You won't find any hookup options here, but what you will find are picnic tables, a large campfire pit with benches around it, grills for cooking, and a small shelter.

To enjoy this facility, you must make sure that your troop books their stay at least four days before the intended arrival date. Prices hover around $125 per night but are linked with the actual number of people that end up coming. Also, remember that you need to stay at the site for at least 2 nights (3 on holidays) to complete your booking.

Get all the doggos in the group out for a hike -- the Colorado Trail actually starts right on the grounds, though we doubt you'll have time to cover all 487 miles of it! Nearby at the North Fork area, there is a reservoir that's perfect for trout fishing, and the river that flows past Angel of Shavano offers similar fare. 

The rules for bringing canine patrons along are simple -- keep them on-leash throughout your visit and stoop and scoop any surprises they leave behind. Trash is picked up at this campground, so disposing of pet waste is simple and easy.

Discover this awesome mountain hideout for your next group excursion!

Wag! does not allow or encourage Pet Care Providers to bring dogs to parks.
Forest, Lake, Mountains
Angel of Shavano Group Area, County Road 240
Salida, CO 81201
Open Months
May - September
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Angel of Shavano Group Area, County Road 240
Salida, CO 81201
Open Months
May - September