Eagle Beach State Recreation Area

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Camp Type: Tent, Cabin, RV
Dogs Allowed: Yes
Restroom: Flushing
Permit: Not required
Shower: No
Wifi: Not available
Entrance Fee: $15.00
Campfire: Limited use
Pet Fee: None
Leash Rule: Unknown

Eagle Beach State Recreation Site provides visitors with amazing hiking and camping opportunities in the heart of the beautiful Alaskan wilderness. Numerous trails can be accessed from the campgrounds, including one that leads to the Eagle Beach picnic area, giving you an ideal spot for a meal along the water’s edge.

The park encompasses around 600 acres, including sandy shorelines along the Eagle and Herbert Rivers. Near the water, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery and might be lucky enough to spot a variety of sea life, including seals and whales, as you stroll along the beach.

A variety of other wildlife also calls the area home. Bear sightings are common, and you may catch a glimpse of some moose and a variety of native birds.

Eagle Beach State Recreation Site has 26 campsites on its grounds, including three walk-in sites. The host site provides access to potable water, and there are restrooms nearby. Some of the facilities and trails are even ADA accessible, making the park a great destination for campers of all kinds.

Fishing is also a favorite activity at Eagle Beach State Recreation Site, though proper permits may be required.

If you stay at the Eagle Beach State Recreation Site campgrounds, with or without your dog, it’s important to be mindful of animals. The Alaskan wilderness is home to a variety of wildlife, including bear and moose, that could pose a threat. Make sure to give the native animals a wide berth and consider keeping your dog on a leash at all times, especially if they are prone to chasing birds or other animals.

You also want to be ready to clean up after your dog while you enjoy your time at the park. Not only does this help keep the magnificent landscape pristine, but it also ensures that the different forms of wildlife are less likely to consider your pet a threat.

Wag! does not allow or encourage Pet Care Providers to bring dogs to parks.
Bears, Moose
Mile 28 Glacier Hwy
Juneau, AK 99811
Open Months
May - September
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Mile 28 Glacier Hwy
Juneau, AK 99811
Open Months
May - September